$70 for 70

FFAM celebrates 70 years

Thanks to the early leaders of the University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute (MU FRTI) and various fire departments in early 1954 for deciding to form a statewide fire organization in Missouri. Chief Fetters and Chief Walden of MU FRTI were instrumental in mailing letters to regional firefighters’ associations to get their support for this organization. Waldo Sherman, the Chief of Herman and John Boeman of the Missouri Inspection Bureau met with Joe Fetters to discuss how to proceed. They decided to write letters to Missouri fire departments. Meeting notes from October 17, 1954, show that over 100 fire departments throughout Missouri met in Jefferson City to form a statewide association. At that meeting, they elected officers and appointed committee members to get organized. They agreed to continue meeting again on November 14, 1954, to work on the organization’s rules and bylaws. The permanent name of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri (FFAM) was proposed and tabled to make sure the name did not conflict with any other in the state. The emblem was discussed and agreed upon for a design. They also started to discuss issues concerning fire departments and Senate Bill 270 concerning rural fire protection districts.

To honor the early leaders and departments for their efforts as we celebrate our 70th Anniversary of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri we are asking all members to consider donating $70 to our campaign to finish the Education and Historical Preservation Center in Kingdom City.