The Fire Fighters Association of Missouri Auxiliary is a service organization that has been established to assist the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri. This assistance is through fundraising efforts and volunteering. Our most recent contributions include donating $5,000 to the Firefighters Memorial Foundation to help with building a memorial in Kingdom City, Missouri. We also donated a beautiful quilt to the St. John’s Burn Camp, to assist bum survivors in their recovery.

We currently have 6 officer positions to serve you! We meet 6 times a year (every other month) at the State Fair Fire Department and two of those meetings are at the host site for the annual convention. If you have any questions or comments about joining, please see or
call one of our Auxiliary officers.

Purpose of the Auxiliary

  • To promote fire fighting safety
  • To promote fire prevention education
  • To give fire and emergency assistance
  • To provide a program for spouses
  • To create and maintain a fellowship among members of the Auxiliary

Who May Belong?

Membership shall consist of a spouse, spouse of retiree, parents of the member, children of members, and/or be sponsored by a firefighter from their local department who is in good standing with the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri.

Proposed By-law Change

To be voted on at the February 11, 2024 meeting

FFAM AUXILIARY Revision Update 10-20223

Auxiliary Member of the Year Award

The nomination needs to be in writing and sent to a committee member. It should state the particulars that the nominator has at hand to explain why the nominee is deserving of the award. The award will be given to an individual or group of individuals who have had a significant contribution to either their home department, the FFAM, or it’s auxiliary. All nominations will be kept as confidential as possible so that the award will be an unexpected pleasure to the recipient.

The nominations will be accepted from January 1st to December 31st.

Now, we know that there are worthy auxiliary members out there but you have to let us know who they are. Think about who does the work in your auxiliary, who helps out the firefighters all the time, who volunteers for all those jobs no one wants to do, and let us know about that person. They are out there so let us know who they are.

Auxiliary Member of the Year Committee Members :

Diane Hanesvetdiane@gmail.com

Jessica Weisz – nfd325@yahoo.com

Sheila Nicholssheilanichols12@yahoo.com

Download Auxiliary Member of the Year Nomination Form
2019 Auxiliary Member of the Year: Sheila Nichols

Want to Join Auxiliary?

To join send your name, department affiliation, address and $5.00 dues by January 1st to :

Sheri Berendzen
FFAM Auxiliary
2314 Tanner Bridge Rd

Jefferson City, MO 65101