ChairpersonKurt Wilbanks
MembersGail Hagans-Reynolds, Josh Koepke


It shall be the duty of this committee to keep the association informed of all beneficial training in the State. It shall act as liaison between the Board of Directors, the Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute and the Missouri State Fire Marshal’s Office. It shall also work closely with all training organizations in the State. The committee shall have a maximum of three members

The FFAM places a high priority on education. That is why we work with the Missouri State Fire Marshals Office and the University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute to provide low cost training across the state. Some of the more important educational programs are :

  1. Regional Fire Schools
  2. Special Rescue Classes
  3. Fire Prevention Programs
  4. Seminars on Special Topics

The educational process is very meaningful to our membership and the communities they serve. We are committed to the future of a better fire service, obtained through better trained fire.

FFAM is now a Learning Partner with Columbia Southern University and Waldorf College

Columbia Southern UniversityWaldorf