State Fair

ChairpersonRB Brown
Members —  Kenneth Hoover, Rick Dozier, Terry Wynne

Missouri State Fair Fire Department

The Missouri State Fair Fire Department provides fire and medical response during the Missouri State Fair. The MSFFD is operated by members of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri (FFAM). The MSFFD is the only fully operational fire department in the United States that operates for only 11 days a year. The Department is staffed with 75 dedicated volunteers 24 hours per day throughout the State Fair providing fire suppression and advanced life support emergency medical services.

State Fair Committee

This committee shall represent FFAM for contract purpose with the State of Missouri to form, equip, operate and regulate the required protection for the Missouri State Fair. They will be overall responsible for the entire fire department operation and operates under the direction of   the President and the Board of Directors. The committee shall have a maximum of five members.

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