Missouri Fire Chaplains Corp

Missouri Fire Chaplains Corp
1410 Whispering Pines Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63146



Jim Cummings

The Missouri Fire Chaplains Corp is divided into three regions – North, Southwest and Southeast.  Each of these regions encompasses three of the highway patrol areas A-G.

North Region – Areas A, B and H
Director Bill Rose Heim

Southeast – Areas C, E and F
Father Paul Niemann

Southwest – Areas D, G and I
KC Kopaska

The Chaplain’s Committee shall work closely with the Missouri Fire Chaplains Corp and take care of any requested Chaplin’s duties for FFAM. This committee shall have a chaplain for each Region/District of the state as a point of contact or the representatives/directors of the Missouri Fire Chaplains Corp may serve on this committee concurrently. This committee shall report to the Board of Directors.

This committee is comprised of lay and ordained chaplains of various faiths from across Missouri who are committed to caring for those who care for others by protecting life and property.  The Chaplain’s Committee seeks to take care of the “whole” firefighter while they are serving their communities.  This is accomplished by offering a wide array of services to members of FFAM to ensure that all firefighters are cared for in all facets of their lives.  This committee is also available upon request to provide the immediate support of our families in time of need.  The committee is active in FFAM events, leading services, and offering stress counseling.

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