Help Save Our History

Educational and Historical Preservation Center

In case you have not met me, I am Theresa Cox, your current historian for the FFAM. A huge part of my job is to collect items about the history of our FFAM. History comes in different forms. I am looking to collect or gather any documentation, correspondence, articles, and such that needs to be preserved for the FFAM. Secondly, we are looking for key examples of firefighting equipment that has a significant history or represents firefighting through the years. These would be items that can be displayed at the museum for educational or visual effects about various topics. We are looking for museum-quality or important pieces that will represent Missouri and our firefighters. If you have old papers or specialty item(s) that have meaning, please reach out to me. It would mean so much to have those items so they can be shared with the public. 

I will be attending the next Board Meeting on Sunday, April 7th, in Kingdom City, Missouri at 9:00 am. I also will be in attendance at this year’s convention from Friday, May 17th to Sunday, May 19th, at Lake of the Ozark, at Lodge of the Four Seasons. If you have items to donate please bring them with you. Or feel free to contact me to arrange to let me know you have something. It is an honor to serve as your historian. Contact me at 636-357-0939, or at cox.theresa@att.net.