DeKalb Fire Protection District 

The DeKalb Fire Protection District took delivery of a used rescue pumper that updated a 40-year-old front-line pumper. The new addition, a 2004 Spartan Darley Rescue pumper was placed in service earlier in 2023. The rescue pumper previously served the fire department in Beaverton, Michigan. 

The new addition boasts features that will make it easier for fire personnel to work from on calls for service, such as, but not limited to, top mount pump controls, rear suction, concealed ladder and hard suction hose storage, and larger compartments that provide ample room for equipment that its predecessor did not have.

“Our other apparatus could no longer keep up with our current demands,” said Matt Westrich. Also, given its age, it was costing money to maintain, he said. The newer truck’s design allows for equipment to be stored properly and is more conducive for the needs of our firefighters when working incidents, he added.

The Fire District was recently awarded the 2022 ARPA grant. Funding from that grant is currently being utilized to purchase loose equipment for the rescue pumper. “Our District was very fortunate to receive 2022 ARPA funding that assisted us with buying better equipment to place on the newer truck”, Westrich said.

The DeKalb Fire Protection District operates in Buchanan County, Missouri just south and west of St. Joseph, MO. Their response area encompasses 90 square miles. The former front-line pumper is a 1983 Spartan E-One and it is currently for sale. For more information, please contact Mr. Westrich at 816-365-2608 or e-mail the District at dekalbfd@bbwi.net