New Station – Johnson County Fire Protection District

The Johnson County Fire Protection District recently opened and commenced operations from their newly constructed Station 4 building located at 85 NE D Highway near Knob Noster. The new station is 4,000 square feet and consists of four open apparatus bays, an office, a training room, a restroom with a shower, a mezzanine storage area, and firefighting gear cleaning equipment.

The former station, located approximately 2,500 feet to the west, was 1,600 square feet and consisted of three open apparatus bays and a restroom leading to cramped conditions and limitations on apparatus and additional equipment. The District will maintain the old building for equipment storage.

“We were very fortunate to be able to construct a new Station 4,” said Fire Chief Larry Jennings. “The new building allows ample space for apparatus, equipment, training, and decontamination of equipment. Replacing our station for the rural Knob Noster area has been a priority for many years and we are excited to have been able to complete this project.”

With the additional space in the new Station 4, the District purchased and placed a new UTV in service in the facility to bolster responses to hard-to-access areas.