The Museum Report – Meet Our Members

Welcome to The Museum Report. During November/December there was a slowdown of activity but plans are in place to pick things up in several areas during first quarter 2022. Some of the delay was with WSKF Architects needing to wrap-up some projects before end of year and moving to next steps with ours. They have been so very generous and supportive so far in volunteering all time and services plus enlisting a similar assistance from others. If you have an interest in checking them out you can go to their website at wskfarch.com

If you have traveled along I-70 specifically east-bound you may have noticed a difference in your viewing of the Museum coming into sight much earlier than 5-months ago and it is not the dropping of leafs. An evening by evening project over a few months wrapped up early November involving the removal of an estimated thousand small trees and scrub-brush along the Northwest Right-of-Way. This obscured the view of the Museum building until nearly at a 45-degree angle of center.

There were more than a dozen people involved with one or more after work dates on this extended project. While a special thank you goes out to all involving some very tough work two names get special recognition for being involved all the way through. Thank you FFAM 1st Vice President Rob Erdel and Foundation Member Doc Kritzer. I missed out on the last one for the year. Great job everyone! We still have some opportunities along this area so we will see what 2022 holds regarding the return of dueling chain saws.

In continuing with our next introduction of your Foundation Board members, let me introduce Ben Bonner and Glenn Dittmar.

Ben Bonner

Ben Bonner started as a Cadet with Southern Stone County Fire Protection District (FPD), volunteered for 8-years, took a brief exit to the oil field and returned as a Career Firefighter/EMT with the Branson Fire Department now approaching 29-years in the fire service. From firefighter to Captain, Ben became a Battalion Chief and for the past 3-years their Division Chief of Operations. Ben is the team leader for SW Missouri Incident Support, has assisted with Winter and Summer Fire School for several years, member of Tri-Lakes Fire Chief’s and Foundation Board member for 6+ years. Ben is married with 2-children and lovers anything/all things outdoors.

Glenn Dittmar

Glenn Dittmar completed 33-years with South Central Bucannon County FPD and currently nearing his 4th year with Dearborn FPD. Glenn retired from Kansas City Power and Light after nearly 37-years and has remained active with FFAM since 1975 (45+ years). This has included 25-years with the Missouri State Fair Vol. FD, 20+ years and counting as an Assistant District Director and assisting with numerous FFAM special events. Glenn has assisted with Winter Fire School for 24-years and Summer Fire School for 18-years. Glenn is nearing 20-years with the Funeral Response Teams, 10+ years with the Foundation and active with Mt. Zion Baptist Church since 1998. Glenn has a Daughter, 2-Sons, several Grand Children and 2-Great Grand Children.

If you need to contact me for questions or have ideas to share regarding the museum project you can reach me at 314-709-0760 or keith.smith@warrenton-fire.org.