Youth Program Award

Youth Program Award

A Fire & Emergency Service Youth program is part of the future of the fire service, allowing young individuals an opportunity to gain more knowledge about careers in the field of Fire and & Emergency Services.  A Fire & Emergency Services Youth program is a hands-on program that exposes participants to many career experiences, leadership opportunities and community service activities.  The primary goals of the program are to help you adults choose a career path within fire and emergency services and to challenge them to become responsible citizens of their communities and country.  These individuals gain firsthand experience of what it is like to be a volunteer or full-time fire fighter or emergency service provider through fire fighter training and ride-a-longs during actual incidents.

This award is presented to the one Fire & Emergency Service Youth program which best exemplifies dedication to the development of the youth involved through education and community involvement.  The program should provide the opportunity to develop leadership skills, respect for fire fighter and citizens and provide personal skills to the group’s individuals.  The group participants should learn emergency call protocols, firefighting policies and procedures, team building and proper equipment usage.

Committee evaluation may include, but not be limited to:

Dedication – Program participants have demonstrated the highest degree of dedication and participation to activities within their fire department including training, fire response, public education and other fire department operations.

Loyalty – Program participants have demonstrated an allegiance to their fire department and to its fire fighters and officers.  The program and participants support others efforts to achieve the goals of the fire service, supports their fire department’s policies, and engages in activities aimed at improvements in the department or fire service community.

Productivity – Program participants have gone beyond normal duties of their position to make visible improvements that have enhanced the department’s ability to reduce fire losses and to better serve the community.

Professionalism – Program participants perform fire service duties in a manner that exemplifies the competency that reflects the highest standards of the fire service and regularly demonstrates the ability to lead or follow based on the existing circumstances.

Commitment – Program participants have made the commitment to their department to better the working relationship with neighboring departments and other regional departments while maintaining a strong working relationship with their own fire fighters and have the ability to function under all circumstances.

This award may not be presented based on evaluation of nominations received.


  • Nominee must be a current member of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri for the year nominated and also a member for the year prior to the nomination.
  • All nominations must include the completed (legible) official nomination form.


  • Complete nomination forms and supporting documentation must be received by February 28th.


  • Those making nominations will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the nomination.
  • The committee reserves the right to evaluate all nominations and exclude any not complying with the stated awards process.
  • All nominations and associated documentation become the property of the FFAM.
  • This award may not be presented based on evaluation of nominations received.
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