Recognizing Our Members

Cedar Hill Fire Protection District held its annual awards banquet on February 24th, 2024. The event was held at Sunnyhill Adventure Center in Dittmer, Missouri and had about 120 attendees. The following awards were issued:

Years of Service


  • Engineer Shawn Hahl
  • Engineer Joseph Smith
  • Junior Firefighter Lucas Powell
  • Junior Firefighter Ella Shaffrey
  • Auxiliary Member Amanda Polfer
  • Junior Firefighter Braydon Sherrill
  • Firefighter Zachary Roussin
  • Firefighter Nicholas Morgan
  • Firefighter Travis Brown


  • Lieutenant Will Powell


  • Captain Christopher Guse
  • Auxiliary Member Thelma Dunn

Most Hours Logged for a Volunteer Firefighter

  • Junior Firefighter Braydon Sherrill
  • Lieutenant Will Powell

Most Hours of Training

  • Firefighter Jacob Kielholz — Senior Volunteer Firefighter
  • Engineer Dennis Polfer — Paid Firefighter
  • Junior Firefighter Braydon Sherrill — Junior Volunteer Firefighter

Clinical Save Awards

  • Captain Christopher Guse
  • Lieutenant Mike Wittu
  • Engineer Dennis Polfer

Fire Officer of the Year

  • Battalion Chief Bob Tucker