Annual Awards Banquet

1300 Years of Service

The Cole County Fire Protection District recently held its 2023 annual service awards banquet. The annual event shows appreciation to the firefighters for their years of service and dedication to the district.

There is another aspect that stands out with the 2023 service awards. The District recognized 7 firefighters who have given 80 combined years of service at the end of 2023. The combined years of service of district personnel are over 1300 years. This in itself shows the commitment to the district by its personnel in the aspects of training, call response and the rewards of helping others in their time of need.

The following firefighters were recognized for years of service in 2019.

5 years

Dakota Roth and Tony Vanderpool

10 years

James Buechter and Bradley Kempker

15 years

Adam Bashore and Clayton Isenberg

20 years

Matt Long

Fire Fighter of the Year

James “Max” Campbell

Officer of the Year

Justin Braun

Special Recognition Award

Truck, Bunker Gear and Air Pak Committees

Outstanding Community Service Award

Honor Guard

The District also recognized cadet firefighters Austin and Ethan Pritchard

The District is always looking for men and women who would proudly serve the community. 

Firefighting is a very rewarding experience helping those in need, whether educating children on fire safety, extricating people from vehicle accidents or extinguishing fires. If you are interested please contact the District office at 573-634-9011.