Auxiliary Bylaws • Updated and Approved

Approved: May 7, 2022 • 66th Convention • Washington, MO

The name of this organization shall be the Auxiliary to the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri, hereinafter referred to as the Auxiliary.


  • To promote firefighting safety
  • To promote fire prevention education
  • To give fire and emergency assistance
  • To create and maintain a fellowship among members of the Auxiliary

Membership shall consist of spouse, spouse of retiree, parents of the member, children of members and/or be sponsored by a firefighter from their local department who is in good standing with the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri
Honorary Members: Widows or widowers, who were active members of the Auxiliary at the time of their spouse’s death, shall be given life membership with all privileges of members. Children of fire fighters, who have passed away, may remain active members of the Auxiliary, and will continue to pay yearly dues.
Membership Dues: Dues shall be five dollars per year, payable January 1 before the convention. The dues will be remitted to the Second Vice President.

The Officers of this Auxiliary shall consist of a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-president, Secretary/Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, and Public Information Officer. They shall be elected by nomination and majority vote of the authorized delegates at the annual convention on even years. All officers shall be elected for a term of two years at the same time. **In extenuating circumstances (example: pandemic, natural disaster, etc.) election time and location may be adjusted with full intention of minimal changes as possible.

The Executive Board shall consist of all current Auxiliary Officers and the Immediate Past President of the FFAM Auxiliary.

  • Each department shall have 1 voting delegate per regular business meeting, and a majority vote rules.
  • Each department may have 2 convention delegates which are active paid members of the FFAM Auxiliary.
  • If there is only 1 qualified auxiliary member from your department that person shall serve as a delegate with only one vote.
  • Delegates must be present at the convention to vote.

The nominees shall consent to serve before their names are placed on the ballot, and they shall be in attendance at the convention.

A simple majority of delegates votes is required for election.

Officers shall be elected for a two-year period. No officer may serve more than two, two year terms consecutively in any one office and shall attend all board meetings. **Being in attendance can be in person and via electronic video application/program.

All officers, not including past presidents, are required to attend a minimum of three regular bimonthly business meetings. The Annual FFAM Conventions are required in addition to the three bimonthly meetings. If unable to attend any meeting, notification must be given to a current Auxiliary officer. If the requirements are not met, after your second absence of the bimonthly meetings a letter will be sent requesting your intent. After your third absence, a final letter will be sent and your office position will be filled by another Auxiliary Member appointed by the Executive Board for the completion of your term.

Officers’ terms shall begin at the close of the annual convention.


a) Preside at all meetings of the Auxiliary and all meetings of the Executive Board
b) Appoint all committees and shall be voting, ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
c) Have the power to call special meetings of a committee, and to call special meeting of this organization.

First Vice-President:
a) Perform all duties and assume all responsibilities of the President during the absence of the President
b) Work with the Convention Committee in the host town at the annual convention and be responsible for all convention items
c) Shall assume the chairperson of the audit committee. This duty will be performed and completed before the Annual Convention.

Second Vice-President:
a) Perform all duties and assume all responsibilities of the President during the absence of the First Vice-President and President.
b) Be the membership chairperson and shall make every effort to increase the membership of the Auxiliary
c) Keep an up-to-dated roster of the Auxiliary membership and provide all officers and past 3 presidents with this list.

a) Keep an accurate record of all of the auxiliary meetings. A copy of all minutes shall be provided to the President and all Board members prior to the submission to the media
b)Be responsible for maintaining all written meeting minutes from meetings held. (Meeting minutes will be recorded using the electronic video application/program. Account maintained by the Public Information Officer)
c) Conduct the correspondence of the Auxiliary
d)Maintain all finances of the Auxiliary, including but not limited to: receiving and disbursing of funds, management of funds and accounts, etc. as needed and authorized by the Auxiliary.
e) Audit-must include a detailed list of expenses, deposits, balanced bank statements and the checkbook.
****the FFAM Auxiliary Checkbook requires there to be two signatures on the signature card for verification of funds deposited/disbursed.

Public Information Officer
a) Shall attend meetings/conventions and maintain the history data of the Auxiliary
b) Keep an updated list of officers past and present, convention sites, and Auxiliary Member of the Year.
c) Maintain all FFAM Auxiliary Social Media Sites
d) Prepare and make certain all virtual meeting options and opportunities are given to membership for all meetings and conventions
e) Send any correspondence to news media outlets when necessary and appropriate (secretary will maintain control of meeting minutes and their publication)

Sergeant at Arms:
a) Aid the President by preserving order
b) Notify delegates of voting procedure
c) Distribute and count election ballots
d) Certify votes, if necessary
e) Review the bylaws for updating and presenting those changes at the annual convention
f) Shall read Roll Call of Auxiliary Membership Departments during convention


Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee shall consist of 3 Auxiliary members appointed by the president and when possible should include up to 3 past presidents. of the immediate past three presidents. This committee will be responsible for submitting a slate of officers for the election at the convention.

Auditing Committee:
Shall consist of the 1st Vice president and a member appointed by the President. The committee is responsible for the audit of the financial record keeping and reporting this audit at convention. The audit shall take place before convention.

Auxiliary Member/Department of the Year Committee:
Shall consist of the past 3 winners. The committee is responsible for presenting the nomination story, obtaining and presenting of the plaque at convention. **In extenuating circumstances (example: pandemic, natural disaster, etc.) presentation time and location may be adjusted with full intention of minimal changes as possible.

By-laws may be amended at any regular bi-monthly of the auxiliary by a 2/3 majority vote of the delegates present. The amendment shall be submitted to the Auxiliary for discussion and reflection one month, submitted to the FFAM Magazine and website for publication, and publicized on the FFAM Auxiliary Member only social media page for viewing, discussed and voted on at the following bi-monthly meeting. An account of changes, additions or corrections of the by-laws shall be given at the annual convention.

Standing Rules (use Robert’s Rules of Order)
Order of Business

a. Call to Order
b. Presentation of Colors
c. Pledge of Allegiance
d. Notification of Delegate
e. Roll Call of Departments
f. Reading and Approval of Minutes
g. Reading and Approval of Financial
h. Other Officer Reports
i. Standing Committee Reports
j. Special Committee Reports
k. Special Orders (Guests, other special
business when appropriate)
l. Unfinished Business
m. New Business
n. Announcements
o. Retiring of the colors
p. Adjournment

Four members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum to transact business
The time of the Auxiliary meetings shall coincide with the meeting of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri.

When a motion is presented on the floor, the member should stand and state their full name and department represented.

Auxiliary fund-raising activities shall be determined by the auxiliary.
The fiscal year shall run from January 1 to December 31, with the audit before the annual convention and presented at the convention.

The Executive Board shall have the power to spend funds for special projects not exceeding $500.00 providing the funds are available.

Executive Board meetings are the only meeting where only Executive Board member may vote.

Due to new Federal Banking Laws, the decision was made to have two signers on the signature card at the Bank in which the current association’s non-profit checking accounts is located. This ensures those monies will be secured back to this association in the event anything happens to the Officer who is currently holding the Secretary/Treasurer position. Please note that it was also decided that the officer living closest to the current Secretary/Treasurer, not including Past Presidents, will be responsible for signatures upon the election of new officers. (Revised and put in by-laws May 2020)