Drager Units For Tipton

The Tipton Rural Fire Protection District just received nine new Drager ACBA units with nine extra bottles. They were purchased with the help of the Moniteau County Commissioners helping the communities in the county with ARPA funds. These units are replacing old dated units that had been in service for the past 25 years. On June 13, the firefighters were trained on the units and they were put into service.

In addition to the Rural, the Tipton City Fire budgeted 7 new units with spare bottles. These were also put into service and while training was done on the new units, we also had a refresher training on the Air Supply Trailer that we have had in service since 2005.

The units and training were provided by Billy Hurt who works for Alex Air Apparatus. Alex Air is located out of Alexandria, MN with Billy being a local rep out of Boonville, MO.