District 3 Update

Greetings from District 3. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Thank you for letting me become a member of FFAM such a looooong time ago. Thank you for letting Art Smith talk to me not only about FFAM but becoming a director such a loooooong time ago. Thank you for letting me be your District #3 Director such a looooooog time ago.

There is so much that goes into an FFAM year that it’s a good thing we have a year to do everything. We usually start with Legislative Day at Jefferson City.

Meeting with our State Fire Marshall and then going to the capital to meet with our representative or senator from our district. It is a trip well worth your time and effort. The FFAM Convention is always a learning time. You travel to a destination in Missouri that allows you to compete with other firefighters during competition, visit with fellow firefighters, and take care of the business of the FFAM. You make firefighting friends that become part of your family. When the Mo State Fair comes in August, you have a chance to work in a fire department that is only in service for 11 days. You will learn about fire stations in different parts of the state, have a chance for training, and again make friends that will become part of your family. If you can’t serve, you should at least spend time there to see all that is going on at the Fair. One of the great things that is done by the FFAM Museum/Memorial Committee, is the Candlelight Service for our fallen firefighters held at the Museum in Kingdom City on a Sat. night. The next Sunday is a service to honor our firefighters that have died during the year before and firefighters that have not been honored in years past. Both days are very special and should be one of the things you put on your calendar every year. There are other things going on at different times and by reading the FFAM magazine you can follow all the happenings in FFAM.

I have now reached the age where it’s time for new and younger firefighters to take over. This will be my last newsletter post as your District #3 Director. I’m still going to be around but as an FFAM member. Thank you again for allowing me to serve the Missouri firefighters.