Laughter is the best medicine

Warm greetings from District 11! First of all let me start by stating that I’d much rather be sitting poolside with a cold refreshing drink enjoying the sun, family, and friends on a hot summer day. But here I sit in my recliner under a blanket on a cold winter day with a cold nose. I’ve just gotten over being sick with Influenza A. Which, by the way, is the only “A” I hope to never get again! Many of my friends and family, my students at school, have all been sick with something. Another reason I’m not fond of winter. All these viruses are spreading like the plague! My doctor told me there was no medicine he would prescribe to help me with a virus that I couldn’t just get over the counter. But even those, in his words, “Is like using a garden hose on a house fire.” So, I just had to let it run its course and suffer through it thinking “there’s gotta be some kind of medicine to speed up this course!” Then it hit me….laughter!

They say laughter is the best medicine. So, go ahead and keep reading, and I hope I make you laugh…to keep you healthy ya know.

A friend of mine claimed he grew up in Burnt Mattress, Arkansas. He said that it was just a little above Hot Springs. Anyway, shortly after he got married, he and his wife had a bad car wreck over one of those big cliffs the Ozarks are famous for. My friend wasn’t hurt that bad, but his wife was boogered up something awful. After several hours in the operating room, the doctor came to my friend and said, “Your wife’s face is disfigured beyond recognition and we need to do a skin graft, but she has no skin on her entire body that is not scarred up from the accident. Would you be willing to donate some of your skin?” Well, being the loving husband he is, he agreed. So the doctors removed some skin from my friend’s rear end and grafted it to his wife’s face.

Several weeks went by when the day came to finally remove the bandages from her face. My friend said he was so very nervous that his wife would be….well, butt ugly.
However, when the doctor unveiled her, she was beautiful. My friend couldn’t believe it. She was even prettier than she was before the accident. The doctor then handed her a mirror.

When she looked at her reflection, she was overjoyed at her improved beauty. “Oh, dear!” she exclaimed to her husband. “I’m beautiful. How can I ever repay you?”

My friend just smiled and said, “Oh, honey. Whenever your mama comes in and kisses you on the cheek, that’s thanks enough for me!”

Keep laughing, friends! Stay warm. Stay healthy. If there’s anything I can do for you in District 11, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to come to visit, swap stories, and maybe share a joke or two. Until next time, stay safe…and healthy! You cancontact me at firechiefsmith200@gmail.com or 660-542-4062.