Preserve Our History

It was great to get a chance to see old friend and make new friends at this year’s convention. As I went around I was introducing myself as your historian. I met a lot of people who did not know I was Jack and Kay Asher’s daughter. Jack started collecting and storing the history of our FFAM in their little side shed, then his basement as far back as I can remember. Dad passed and Mom became historian. As mom aged and just before she had to leave her home, she watched as all of the items her and dad were the care takers for, being moved to Kingdom City, City Hall. 

It was a beautiful sunny day. So many fire fighters came out to move the history out of her house. Bringing several trailers, and trucks, and the guys trying to figure how they were going to get the two big safes out without hurting anyone or to JUST get them out at all. They did. 

Mom was up on her porch watching the event with all of her dear friends surrounding her. She didn’t want to see it go but knew she could not go down stairs anymore. It was a bitter sweet day, for her. She still gathered what history items came her way but we took it to Kingdom City now. In September 2020, Mom passed away, joining dad. Sometime later, I was asked to be historian, I accepted. 

For now we have the history of our FFAM in a storage room in Kingdom City. I think this is sad. If this offends you, I am not sorry. The FFAM is a great organization and some of the greatest people I know belong to the FFAM. Our history needs to be on display and preserved with dignity in the manner in which it was kept by its original owners/events. We have the starts of beautiful building in which these said items would look great in and find their permanent home. We need to finish the Educational and Historical Preservation Center. 

I am asking for two things from our membership:

I am still collecting items that have historical value to Missouri or to the fire fighting service history. If you have items please contact me at 636-357-0939, or cox.theresa@att.net . 

I want to challenge everyone to watch and participate in events raising money for the Educational and Historical Preservation Center. Such as 60 for 60, etc. If you have a fund raising event you have or want to do you can contact me also. 

My goal is to preserve our history and get it displayed. Who is with me?