Memorial Foundation Report – November 2021

With the posting of memorial service pictures in this edition of your magazine, I only have a few brief remarks. We honored ten Line-of-Duty-Death (LODD) names and their families in the Saturday night candlelight and Sunday morning services on October 9th and 10th. There were also 64-names honored of those who served and passed for other causes. Special guests Saturday night also included Missouri Lt. Governor, Mike Kehoe, and his wife. Sunday morning included the Deputy Director Missouri Department of Public Safety, Kevin Bond. Keynote Speaker was survivor Dwayne Murphy, Assistant Fire Chief, Montgomery, IN Fire Department. The May services for 2022 will be Saturday, May 14th, and Sunday, May 15th.

Line of Duty Roll Call for the 2021 Services

Raymond Dydell, West Platte Fire Protection District, February 20, 2021

Timothy Travis Owens, St. Joseph Fire Department, March 28, 2019

Christopher R. Moore, Maryland Heights Fire Protection District, June 8, 2019

Jack Allyn Reding, Duenweg Volunteer Fire Department, July 5, 2019

Jerry Drew Bayton, Kansas City Fire Department, August 23, 2019

Charles “CHUCK” McCormick, West Peculiar Fire Protection District, January 5, 2020

Christopher H. Francis, Mehlville Fire Protection District, April 2, 2020

Craig Shormas, Monarch Fire Protection District, April 21, 2020

David F. Jameson, Jr., Independence Fire Department, May 7, 2020

Robert “BOBBY” Rocha, Kansas City Fire Department, November 21, 2020

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