Johnson County FPD Years of Service Awards

Left to right (Back/Middle): Chief Larry Jennings; Division Chief Ken Jennings, 20 Years; Jeremy Floyd, 25 years; Ben Burd, 5 years; Antonio Evans, 10 years; Lee Murry, 10 years; James Wilson, 10 years; Lt. H.R. Zellner, 10 years; Capt. Nick McDaniels, 10 years. Left to right (Front): Blake Rasmussen, 5 years; Chris Bueckers, 5 years; Stacey Langley, 20 years, retirement; Jimmy Tawzer, 15 years; Batt Chief James Fitterling, 25 years; Capt. Joe Jennings, 15 years; Assistant Chief Dee Bennett. Not pictured: Chris Gibson, 5 years; Larry Steinbach, 39 years, retirement.

District members were recognized for their years of service during the December 10, 2019, board meeting. Thank you for your continued service!