Updates From the East

Hello, and greetings from District 7 on the east side of the state. I hope all is well. I had the opportunity to assist with the Gerald-Rosebud Fire Protection District’s first Firefighter 1 & 2 class. Thank you for the opportunity to help, and congratulations to all for passing the state skills and live burn portions. A job done well done and good luck with the written exam. I hope nothing but the best for everyone and for the ones who are going to make it a career. You’re just scratching the surface. There will be a lot more training in your future!

Union Fire Protection District is making some changes. Two are going on to fulfill their calling in the fire service by moving to a bigger district with more job responsibilities and two are retiring. Congratulations on your retirement. I wish the best for you and for those that will be replacing them, you have big shoes to fill.

As I’m working on this article, it is F.D.I.C. week and I will have the pleasure to attend. If you have never attended, add it to your bucket list. There are lots of great training opportunities and the expo fills Lucas Stadium with the latest and greatest items meant to make your job safer and not too strenuous. I have been there a few times and you can’t see the expo in a day.

When this article is published, the convention held by Lake Ozark Fire Protection District will be in the history books. There may be some changes, if approved, to a few districts including District 7 with the addition of new counties in a district restructure. District 7 will be looking for assistant directors in the annexed counties so if you live in St Francois, Perry, and St Genevieve and you want to help spread the word about the fire organization called the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri then either get in touch with me or Andrew Caldwell and we will set up a meeting with you to become part of the fire family of the state.

Can you believe how time is going by so quickly? The convention is history and summer fire school is getting close once again with great hands-on training opportunities. After that will be August and the Missouri State Fair. The application will be closed by the time of printing. As you know the Missouri State Fair Volunteer Fire Department is one-of-a-kind and every year we make history. We are the only fire department in the nation that covers a State Fair. In 2023 they ran 190+ calls in eleven days. That is more than some departments see in a year!

The Missouri State Fair Volunteer Fire Department has its own station but the old building is showing some age and needs to be cared for this year. We have work details to do repairs, straighten up, and clean. Your help is wanted and needed. The more help we get the faster we can get the needed chores done and we can do other items needed before the fair starts. I hope to see many at the work detail. For the dates and other news go to the Missouri State Fair Volunteer Fire Department Facebook page for the dates and news. Until then be safe and take care.