Iconium Chief Von Schmidt Retires

Longtime Iconium Fire Chief Von Schmidt received a plaque, a certificate, and a $200 gift from the Board of Directors on April 9 as he retired from his positions as chief and board member. Schmidt has been with the department since 2008. He became fire chief in 2010 and an elected board member in 2012, serving two six-year terms. He plans to continue to be a firefighter and a department trainer. Schmidt served on the Lowry City Fire Department before he moved into the Iconium District.

The board chose David Price, a board member and longtime assistant fire chief, to be the new fire chief. The board also chose Joab Smart to be the assistant fire chief.

The Iconium Fire Department is a property tax-supported district with three stations. The district covers northeastern St. Clair County and southwestern Benton County. In 2023, it responded to 89 calls, including 50 medical assists, 34 fires, 4 motor vehicle crashes, and 1 rescue of a cat in a tree. It followed 69 answered calls in 2022 and 41 answered calls in 2021.

Iconium Fire Chief David Price, Firefighter Michael Gammon and Assistant Fire Chief Joan Smart training in Sedalia on March 23, 2024. (photo provided by David Price)