Propane Industry Responders’ Conference

March 23-24 in Sedalia, Missouri

Firefighters and safety professionals from across Missouri will gather at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia this spring to take part in a Propane First Responders Conference. The two-day event will feature both classroom instruction and live-fire training.

The session is for anyone involved in propane-related emergencies and incident response activities. In addition to fire service professionals, the Conference will welcome law enforcement, propane marketers, and heavy-duty towing operators who want to learn more.

There is no cost to register but attendance is limited to the first 60 who sign up. Lodging at the firehouse bunkhouse is available and meals will be provided. The central location, at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, has been chosen to allow attendees from every corner of the state.

In addition to the educational benefits, the Missouri Division of Fire Safety has approved the conference for 4 hours of CUs for Fire Service Instructor and 8 hours of CEUs for Hazardous Materials Technician. In addition, each Missouri fire department represented at the training by two or more attendees will receive a complimentary SENSIT Technologies TKX Combustible Gas Detector in addition to copies of the Propane Emergencies curriculum.

Free Combustible Gas Detector Each Fire Department represented by 2 or more attendees will receive one Sensit Technologies TKX Combustible Gas Detector

Topics to be covered in the classroom are Basic properties of propane and common industry practices, unified incident command, tactical considerations for responding to propane emergencies, a session on food truck inspections, responding to alternative fuel vehicle crashes (EV, CNG, LP), and more. In the evening, the group will drill on hose line procedures and engage in live-fire response training.

This is the third Propane First Responders event at the State Fairgrounds over the last several years. The event is the result of cooperation between the Missouri and National Propane Education and Research Councils, the Missouri Propane Safety Commission, the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri, the Missouri State Fire Marshal and the University of Missouri Fire Rescue and Training Institute.

“This event is extraordinary for the level of cooperation between partners,” said Steve Ahrens, MOPERC President. “It takes teamwork and coordination to offer this exceptional opportunity, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Sedalia in March.”