President’s Remarks – July 2021

Greetings! Well, it appears summer has finally made up its mind to stick around, and as we know in Missouri that generally means humidity also. I hope you each find time to enjoy the warmer weather and remember to take the necessary steps to stay safe and hydrated while at work or play.

The Missouri State Fair is just around the corner and as we have for many years the FFAM will provide the State Fair Fire Department duties serving all visitors to the event. This eleven-day-a-year fully functional fire department is unique, to say the least, and appears to be the only such operation in the country. The services provided by the Department would not be possible if it were not for the generosity of many fire and ems agencies across the state loaning apparatus and equipment for use. The staff of the Department donates their time as well and is a mixture of career and volunteer personnel from all across the state. This single eleven-day operation is perhaps one of the most obvious examples of how the fire and ems community of Missouri comes together to achieve a common goal. If you have the opportunity to visit the Fair this year, make sure you stop by the fire station and visit with the personnel.

The 2019 State Fair Volunteer Fire Department Staff. Career and volunteer personnel from all across the state donate their time to the cause.

By now most of you have received more than one copy of the revamped, streamlined, polished, and informative FFAM newsletter/magazine. Hats off to those involved in the transition over the years moving from a newspaper-style format to a plain paper newsletter format and now to this new and improved version. I believe if you take the time to read the various articles you just might find some information you can use in your fire service journey and of course learn of the activities of the fire service across the state. One way to make sure we all stay informed is to consider submitting photos, news bits, recognition announcements, and other related information for publication. Again, great work by all those involved in getting this publication to press for distribution.

As the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on our country draws near many observances are being planned across the country. I do not know which event may interest you most, but there will be a Patriot Day event in Jefferson City taking place from Friday the 10th thru the 11th. In addition to ceremonies and displays along with a parade, there will be a 5k run and a stair climb. If you want more information just search for Missouri’s Patriot Day and view the details.

As you look at your long-range planning don’t forget to note the Memorial Services will be held in Kingdom City on October 9th and 10th. If you have not had the opportunity to attend either ceremony I think you would find them moving as we reflect on those that served the Missouri fire service and are no longer with us. If you want to be involved in some aspect of the ceremony please contact a Memorial Committee member, contact information is found at FFAM.org, and offer your assistance.

Hopefully, your agency was able to participate in the Annual Safety Stand-Down the third week of June. If not, seek out the information made available through the NVFC and IAFC and continue to focus on the overall safety of each member of the fire service. Keep in mind we can only serve those we have agreed to protect if we keep ourselves ready to meet and deal with the challenges we face.

Moving forward we will continue to look at our FFAM processes and work towards further clarification and efficiency. Remember this is your organization and your input is valued. If you have issues or ideas please contact a member of the Board of Directors so we can adjust things when needed and build upon our long history as part of the Missouri Fire Service.

On a side note: If you get an e-mail or a text message from me asking if you have a minute or if you can help me complete a wire transfer please just disregard and accept my apologies. It appears some folks have nothing better to do than hack accounts and try to scam folks out of their time and money. As most of you know if it is a message from me it will be far wordier and let’s face the facts. I don’t make it a habit of asking for wire transfers or your time randomly and without any explanation. Maybe one day these people will put their talents towards good and leave the evil ways behind. If the Board or I can be of any assistance please contact us. Be Safe!