2008 Memorial Service

2008 Memorial Service

Fire Fighters Memorial Foundation of Missouri, 2008 Candlelight and Memorial Service, May 17 & 18

The following individuals were honored for their contribution to the fire service.

Edgar WilliamsVandalia Fire Department2/17/76
Carrell L BrymanVandalia Fire Department11/25/77
Melvin L WilliamsVandalia Fire Department4/23/78
Edgar G NationVandalia Fire Department5/23/90
Albert KristoffersonVandalia Fire Department5/16/92
John E BrymanVandalia Fire Department6/17/92
Ray O HaleVandalia Fire Department4/23/00
Robert M JarboeVandalia Fire Department6/8/05
Dennis L ZumwaltCole County Fire Protection District8/10/06
Jesse RevelsCentral Callaway Fire Protection District1/23/07
J D PenningtonPurdy Fire Department1/24/07
Lewis L DavidHannibal Fire Department2/22/07
Jimmy L ClaywellLittle Dixie Fire Protection District5/5/07
Chris CollinsClarence Fire Department5/23/07
Joseph A JacksonNorth Central Fire Protection District6/5/07
Joe WingbermuehleRock Community Fire Protection District6/17/07
James T MurphyHannibal Fire Department6/18/07
Corey ClemensBonne County Fire Protection District6/22/07
Thomas L KincaidVandalia Fire Department6/26/07
Donald A SmithThayer Fire Department7/3/07
George I SmithRaytown Fire Protection District8/16/07
George BeelerGlasgow Fire Department8/17/07
William J TourneyHannibal Fire Department8/27/07
Cheryl L ButlerFrankfort Fire Department9/2/07
Russell McCormickBattlefield Fire Protection Districy9/8/07
Earnest W GreenTaos Fire Department9/13/07
Mark ZundelFenton Fire Protection District9/16/07
Wanda SchrageFire Fighters Association of Missouri Auxiliary9/19/07
Robert PenaRock Community Fire Protection District10/20/07
Ricky LuebbertTyrone Fire Department11/9/07
Randall D MantleLogan Rogersville Fire Protection District11/18/07
Ambrose WingbermuehleAntonia Fire Protection District12/7/07
Bob JacobsenDivision of Fire Safety12/7/07
Henry G SchmittDeer Run Creek Fire Department12/11/07
Phillip SayerGalt Fire Protection District12/14/07
Dale Collins SrRaytown Fire Department12/16/07
Jim ZebasRock Community Fire Protection District12/30/07
Raymond VanscoyPrairie Township Fire Protection District1/14/08
Louis BerraLODDWest County EMS & FPD1/18/08
Jefff RichardsBonne County Fire Protection District2/18/08
Gary D LowerCentral Callaway Fire Protection District2/22/08
David StarkGoldman Fire Protection District3/3/08
Frank Sauer JrSt Charles Fire Protection District3/11/08
Robert L FindlingKirksville Fire Department3/13/08
Terrance CrockettLODDKansas City Fire Department3/17/08
Marion CoxJoplin Fire Department3/22/08
Michael D FizerSweet Springs Fire Department3/25/08
Rick MorrisLODDSedalia Fire Department4/17/08
Rex ConwayBunker Fire Departmentunk

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