2006 Memorial Service

2006 Memorial Service

Memorial Service Honors Missouri’s Fallen Firefighters

Three fallen firefighters were honored during a memorial service at the Fire Fighters Memorial of Missouri in Kingdom City.

In the past 12 months Robert Allen Bestgen, Timmy Shane Hardy and Captain Alan Leake were lost to the injuries sustained while performing their duties as Firefighters.

Today’s service is not only to honor the lives of these Firefighters, but to also recognize the sacrifices their families have endured,?said Randy Cole, State Fire Marshal.

Firefighter Robert Allen Bestgen of the Osborn Fire Protection District died on September 3rd, 2005 from injuries sustained during an incident the previous day at the U.S. 36 Raceway in Osborn. Bestgen was trying to stop a push truck that had slipped out of gear and appeared to be heading toward spectators. Bestgen served the Osborn Fire Protection District for twenty years.

Firefighter Timmy Shane Hardy of the Neosho Fire Department died on November 7th, 2005 while battling a fire at the Ragland Mills complex in Neosho. Hardy was killed when he became entrapped in a conveyor belt he was riding to the top of the grain elevator. Hardy began his firefighting career as a volunteer in 1994.

Captain Alan Leake of the Fulton Fire Department died on April 30th, 2006 after collapsing at the scene of a motor vehicle accident. Captain Leake began his fire service career on September 1st, 1982.

Line of Duty

Firefighter Robert Allen Bestgen — Osborn Fire Protection District — September 3rd, 2005
Firefighter Timmy Shane Hardy — Neosho Fire Department — November 7th, 2005
Captain Alan Leake — Fulton Fire Department — April 30th, 2006

In addition, the service honored the more than 20 Missouri Firefighters who died of non- line of duty causes since May 2005, including:

Non Line of Duty

Julius M. Acoff, Jr. — University City FD
Marty R. Baslee — Pettis County FD
Anthony Bower — New Haven-Berger FD
Tom Claywell — Little Dixie FPD
Patrick E. Dick — Pattonville Bridgeton Terrace FPD
Sean “Skippy” Eason — Fulton FD
Eugene F. “Jack” Elliott — El Dorado Springs FD
Heath Heusted — City of St. Robert FD
Quint L. Huffman — Millersburg FPD
John C. Johnson — Deer Creek FPD
Dave E. Latham —Camdenton
Lonnie Lentz — Compton Junction FD, FFAM, State Fair FD
Clinton Prinster — Wentzville FPD
Raymond Roberts — Vandalia Volunteer FD
Dave Rudisaile — Festus FD, FFAM, State Fair FD
John Anthony “Jay” Sampietro, Jr. — Logan-Rogersville FD
James William “Jim” Sanders — Central Jackson County FPD
Ricky Allen Seiner — Polk County Fire and Rescue
Willis Walker Smith — Boone County FPD
Sidney F. Wilson IV — Stoutland FD
James Wrzesinski — Lake Ozark FPD

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