President’s Remarks – March 2023

This is always a great time of the year as things start to blossom, grow and green up and we start to enjoy the outdoor activities without the added burden of umpteen layers of warm clothes. Of course, it is also a prime time for spring storms and tornadoes, so keep an eye out as you enjoy the changing weather.

Speaking of things starting to blossom, the state legislative session is in full swing and many proposals are already in process awaiting review or support. As always this is an important thing to keep an eye on as many of the actions taken may have a direct impact on your city, district or association. It is more important than yotu might imagine to know your Senator or Representative and to have some regular interaction with them. They do turn to their area’s local “experts” often to help them decide what may be worthy of their support or may have a negative impact. Take the time and reach out and review the list of pending bills regularly to make sure you are aware of what is being proposed and how it may affect not only your local area but the entire Missouri fire service.

Mark your calendars for April 12 so you can reserve time to go meet with state legislators face to face during Firefighter’s Day at the Capitol. If you have the time, the day’s activities will start at 10:30 a.m. in the Fire Marshal’s office on the 13th floor for a legislative update before we journey across the street to visit with the legislators directly. Hopefully, I will see all of you there.

I was not able to attend the recent University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute’s (MU FRTI) Winter Fire School, but I have received word that it was well attended. I also was informed the vendor show was back in full force and was visited by many members of the fire service. Classes were reported to be well attended and provided beneficial information for those attending to take back to their home departments. The event was attended by personnel from over seventy-five percent of the Missouri counties and by personnel from multiple states. Keep up the good work MU FRTI and nice job to all the Missouri fire service personnel who took the time to attend and further your education.

As long as you have your calendar pulled up to mark down Firefighter’s Day at the Capitol flip it over and enter the FFAM Convention/Annual Meeting for June 2, 3 and 4.

Remember we are going to Springfield this year and will be based at the Oasis Hotel & Convention Center. All convention information is available on our website so hop on over and register to attend and get your rooms booked now.

Remember the hotel is extending our room rates for three days before and three days after the convention so you will have the opportunity to bring your family along and enjoy an extended stay and take in the area’s attractions. Don’t forget to get a team formed and practice to take part in the challenge games on Saturday morning that weekend. See you in Springfield!

As we ease through late winter and start looking towards spring it doesn’t look promising for most of us to receive adequate moisture to affect the drought much. With that realization, the natural cover fires will no doubt be more frequent and if the winds keep up they are likely going to be bigger and require additional assistance to control. Remember to call for extra help or mutual aid sooner than later and hopefully we will not revisit the large and widespread fires we have seen recently. Be mindful of the terrain and changing conditions and make sure everyone goes home. Be safe!