Fire Marshal’s Update – January 2023

I would like to begin with “Happy New Year” from the Division of Fire Safety family. We each truly appreciate the opportunity to work alongside each of you throughout the year in our different divisions. Without our partnership, it would be very difficult to accomplish the task at hand. We look forward to what 2023 has in store for our Missouri Fire Service.

As we walk out of 2022 and open the door into 2023 the work will begin at our state capital. Legislators will be arriving on January 4th to kick off the 102nd General Assembly session. Several bills have been pre-filed. I try and keep up with legislation filed that affects our Missouri fire service. If you hear or see something that concerns you or something you would like addressed please reach out to me.

Since the last newsletter, we have had several large natural-cover fires. Thank each fire department that worked hard to protect your neighbor’s lives and property. I know many of you were stretched to your limits. One fire grew large enough to activate state-wide mutual aid. Thank you to every department that responded to that request.

It reminds me to ask you, do you know who your fire mutual aid coordinator is? If not, please read Eric Hartman’s article (page 36). It will explain how the state-wide mutual aid works and how to activate the state system.

Do you know who to call if you need assistance with and investigation? I have provided a list of the many investigators we employee across the state. They are here to assist you and are a great resource.

Thank you to the 281 who applied for the ARPA grant application. The grant window closed on December 16th. I spoke with the grant coordinators and they began reviewing the grants. They couldn’t give me a solid date when the grants would be awarded.

Save the date April 12th will be our annual firefighter’s day at the capital. The day will begin on the 13th floor with a legislative update. We will transition over to the capital at 11 for the rotunda event. Lunch will be provided back on the 13th floor before you go home.

It is a joy to be serving you as the State Fire Marshal. I want to thank Judy for standing by my side through this moment in time, not sure she knew what she was signing up for! Thanks, Dear!

Again thank you each for what you do day in and day out. If I can be of any assistance feel free to contact me by email: tim.bean@dfs.dps.mo.gov, office phone: 573-751-1742, Cell: 573-645-2069

Happy New Year from Judy and me and our newest member of the house “Kid” our K-9.

Missouri State Fire Marshal’s Office Investigations and Explosive Enforcement Unit

Please contact the closest Investigator to the incident.

If you cannot make contact with an Investigator,
please contact the shift supervisor.

A SHIFT – Sergeant Robbie Sterner
B SHIFT – Sergeant Adam Crouch

A Shift
Captain Chad Hildebrand – 1466
State Cell – 573-508-3120

Sergeant Robbie Sterner – 1465
State Cell – 573-508-3109

Travis Pugh – 1468
State Cell – 573-508-3106

Joe Jones – 1480
State Cell – 573-508-3119

Jay Hamilton – 1467
State Cell – 573-508-3067

Tyler Anderson – 1477
State Cell – 573-508-3114

Ryan Troske – 1471
State Cell – 573-298-2534

John Malcolm – 1469
State Cell – 573-508-3107

Richard Buffett – 1472
State Cell – 573-395-6830

Stephen Murphy – 1474
State Cell – 573-508-3118

B Shift
Captain Randy Sweet – 1475
State Cell – 573-508-3113

Sergeant Adam Crouch – 1482
State Cell – 573-508-3121

Grant Wheeler – 1463
State Cell – 573-508-3064

Ryan Boyle – 1478
State Cell – 573-508-3116

Brian Baker – 1479
State Cell – 573-508-9364

Jesse Sproat – 1473
State Cell – 573-508-311O

Ryan Barnes – 1470
State Cell – 573-508-3108

Major Scott Stoneberger – 1481
Deputy Chief of Investigations
State Cell – 573-508-9333
Office – 573-751-2930