Chaos Coordinator

Hello readers of the FFAM! As a new writer in the newsletter, let me first introduce myself. I am Brooke Herrin, LPN, EMT-B. This is my sixth year volunteering with the Missouri State Fair Fire Department. I primarily volunteer with EMS/First Aid but have now been given the opportunity to be the “chaos coordinator” of the department when it comes to paperwork, forms, spreadsheets, etc. The department has primarily performed duties via the trusty pen & paper route, but it is time to modernize and let technology make our jobs easier… hopefully! Our first year using electronic applications was last year and I hope to continue that, making each year better than the last.

Applications can be located on the FFAM website, FFAM Facebook page, Missouri State Fair Fire Department Facebook page, or by emailing me directly at office.msffd@gmail.com. There are two separate applications – one for those age 18+ and one for our juniors (under 18). The minimum age for a junior volunteer with the Missouri State Fair Fire Department is 16. Important to note – the junior application requires a signature from the volunteer’s home department Chief as well as a parent/guardian signature. All applicants will need to ensure their yearly dues are paid to the FFAM before applying – whether it is department/district paid or individually paid. This will be checked. If you are unsure if your dues are paid, please contact Jaime Miller with the FFAM. There will be a strict deadline of June 1st for all applications. This is to ensure we have plenty of time to order supplies, and shirts, and create tentative schedules for the fair. Applications were created through Google Forms however you should not have to have a Google account this year to complete the form. Please let me know if you run into any issues accessing/completing the form. I have trialed the form and haven’t run into any complications but they are bound to happen.

It’s hard to believe we are already gearing up for another great year serving the fairgoers of the 2023 Missouri State Fair! I am eager to serve alongside all our returning members as well as guide our new members in growing in their EMS/Fire careers, creating memories, and joining our State Fair family. Once again, if you have any issues with the applications or questions about serving on the Missouri State Fair Fire Department, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Missouri State Fair Fire Department Application 2023

Missouri State Fair Fire Department JUNIOR Application