Finish This Project!

There has been a lot of activity outside of public view in terms of on-going work with WSKF Architects in Kansas City, MO. We have finished up design development and they are now working with engineering for shop drawings which should be completed by the time you are reading this article. Next comes cost analysis with the assistance of a general contractor which we hope to partner with this project. To date, all work courtesy of WSKF Architects, the engineer and other work through their relationships has been provided at no cost to the Foundation. In that respect we are truly blessed to have found this highly supportive partnership.

In the next edition of the FFAM magazine, we should be able to layout a complete reveal of the interior design work that has been underway since May and provide a detailed description of what we believe will be several unique functional elements of this Historic Preservation and Educational Center focused on the Missouri fire service. Unlike most fire service museums, our vision continues to be on an annual changeover and shifting of display presentations each year. This will provide a new themed specific message each year so your annual return visit will see new items and history not previously presented. Carry over displays will be reimagined with new narratives of their place in fire service history.

WSKF Architects has gone to great lengths in their creative abilities to bring visual, sound, touch and smell into this educational center experience. The multi-purpose theater design ranging from a high-tech classroom with up to 50 very comfortably seated (60 full) to a small group theater experience on a big screen. The video library of fire service history which we hope to create for the “Missouri Fire Service Theater” is of itself, extremely exciting. 

The design will also facilitate a small group or fire service organization reception area for special occasions. The design has also included volunteer support in having a small hotel style space and outside camper hook-up if someone would prefer to bring their home with them. We are counting on volunteer support to assist with keeping the facility open and operating costs to a minimum. That said we are nearly ready to relaunch fundraising to its greatest emphasis than ever before, having 3-D finished designs of each operational area of the facility. We did realize it is difficult to imagine what could be from a single scale floor plan. Thanks to WSKF Architects, we now have a full color 3D graphic of each area which we hope to leverage with corporations, organizations and thousands of individuals in raising the money to: Finish this project!

Thank you, Terry and Diane Wynne in donating the Certified Angus Beef that was raffled off at the Missouri State Fair this year with all proceeds going to the project. This is the second year that Terry and Diane have done this on behalf of the Foundation. We should know very soon what the proposed interior design/finish will cost given the large increase of construction compared to two years ago versus our own estimations. If needed, it will be from that point that we launch into phased construction which is build what you can pay for at increments of time in order to keep progress moving forward.

Yes, things have seemingly been quiet for a while, but your Foundation did not spend that time doing nothing. I am truly looking forward and I am very excited to reveal on behalf of the Foundation the look, feel and unique operational elements of your state fire service museum in the next edition of the FFAM magazine.

If you need to contact me for questions or have ideas to share regarding the museum you can call me at 314-709-0760 or email keith.smith@warrenton-fire.org.