Missouri State Fair Fire Department

We are celebrating 60 years of service to the State of Missouri providing fire protection, EMS services, public relations, and education for the state fair. We will celebrate on Saturday, August 13th with a dinner at 5:00 p.m., and a presentation to the FFAM for sponsoring the department and having the forethought to start this fire department.  It is the only known department that forms and functions for eleven days a year during an event. We ask for all FFAM members that have served to come and enjoy free admission to the fairgrounds on Saturday with a fire department identification. 

If you have never served, we invite you to sign up for a day or the entire fair and see what happens at the Missouri State Fair Fire Department. While the deadline for 2022 has passed, the 2023 application period will be announced on our Facebook page and in the magazine so watch for it!  We attend events and run calls as needed on the fairgrounds for the duration of the fair. We are in service for calls and can use your assistance.  We are also asking for donations for a fundraising campaign to help finish the Educational and Historical Preservation Center alongside the memorial and would ask you to consider a donation of $60 or more to help with this cause. You can find the details on the opposite page. We look forward to seeing you at the fair.