2022 Firefighter Contest Results

I  would like to thank the Washington Volunteer Fire Company for a successful FFAM 2022 Convention. I would like to thank all the teams that played in the games. We even had a team from Marboch am Neckler, Germany that played in the games, they are a sister department of Washington Missouri, thank you for participating. Also thank you to all that helped with running the games, the games would not have proceeded as smooth as they did. We had a great morning of competitions.

I would like to see all the teams that participated this year back again in 2023. Hopefully we will have more departments and teams to join us next year. I hope to see everyone in 2023.

2 Person Hose CouplingWashington - 9.50Little Dixie 1 - 10.09Little Dixie 2 - 11.72
Replace a Section of HoseSouthern Stone 1 - 29.00Little Dixie 1 - 32.25Washington - 33.41
Extending a LineLittle Dixie 2 - 36.73Washington - 39.50Southern Stone 1 - 45.53
Water Barrel FightLittle Dixie 2Little Dixie 1 Southern Stone 2
Bucket BrigadeLittle Dixie 2 - 1.47.87Little Dixie 1 - 1.59.15Southern Stone 1 - 2.03.03
OVERALLLittle Dixie 2 - 50 ptsLittle Dixie 1 - 40 ptsWashington - 30 pts

The City of Washington and Marbach am Necker, Germany became sister cities in 1990. This relationship grew between the cities to include the fire departments with groups traveling and staying with host families. Since then the fire departments (feuerwehr) have traveled between Germany and Washington to share ideas, tactics, building construction, comradery, and good times. There is a motto between Washington and Marbach, “We are Friends/Wir sind Freunde.” There are outward signs of the friendship. The Washington Fire Headquarters abuts Marbach Drive and Washington Drive is next to the Marbach Fire Station in Germany. 

Usually, a group will travel annually alternating travel between Washington and Germany. Some have become close friends with an exchange student, through annual visits, letters, and newsletters. When in Washington, the firefighter attends various gatherings, sightseeing in the St. Louis area, and participates in training and alarms. There are many questions, trials, and gatherings. We truly are friends and look forward to future visits.