President’s Remarks – January 2022

Wow! How is it possible that we are already well into 2022?

It seems, at least to me, that we just started 2021 after the wonderful fun year of 2020. Maybe having that year “off” from all things normal just made 2021 speed by. Nonetheless, I hope each of you were able to close out the year in style and have embraced this year head-on, and set yourself some realistic goals to work toward.

Whether it is spending more time with family and friends, taking a trip, getting a new job, enhancing your skills, or providing assistance to those around you. I hope you stay focused and reach the goals you set.

A reminder that with the changing of the calendar we are creeping closer and closer to the 2022 convention in Washington. If you haven’t already made your reservations you probably should get on that soon before all the choice rooms are taken. Part of planning a good convention is knowing who your audience is, so make sure you have submitted your registration, and please don’t put it off until the last minute. Our hosts have been working hard to make this another memorable convention and annual meeting, so let’s all register early to be there May 6-9.

While you are considering attending please make note that the last day will be our organization’s annual meeting. This is your biggest opportunity to help shape the FFAM as the delegates representing member departments will vote on various matters including some district director positions, possible bylaw changes, and other business that comes before the Board. Your vote and voice do matter and you only need to be present to participate and be assigned as one of the delegates representing your agency.

Although the December weather was all over the board with high and low temperatures it is safe to say none of us are likely out of the woods just yet when considering the winter weather. Make sure you take the extra time to prepare for your responses including PPE, apparatus, and travel routes. Being aware of the road conditions and acting accordingly may mean the difference between arriving and providing assistance or becoming an additional emergency needing attention. Be safe and be smart when working outside during the winter months.

My thanks go out to First Vice President Erdel and Secretary/Treasurer Miller for their outstanding work putting together a fiscally solid budget for 2022. This was Vice President Erdel’s first time putting together the FFAM budget and it does take some time and planning to make sure all funds will balance and the organization stays in a healthy financial condition. Job well done! Thank you both.

Hopefully, you have made plans to attend the MU FRTI Winter Fire School from February 4-6. If you haven’t made plans, but have suddenly found yourself with extra time reach out and see if they still have available seating or utilize the webcast options and do what you can to enhance your fire service knowledge base.

If you haven’t already marked your calendars please note the Annual Candlelight and Memorial Service will be on May 14th and 15th in Kingdom City. I know it probably feels like we just held those ceremonies, but this is getting us back on our normal spring schedule after the 2021 event was postponed as COVID continued to wreak havoc on scheduling. Please plan to attend and honor those members of the Missouri fire service that have passed.

Make plans to work at the State Fair Fire Department by submitting your application on time. You will find this year there is an electronic option to submit your application for most wishing to apply.

Junior Firefighters will still need to submit a copy with an extra signature and those that can’t submit electronically will still have an alternative method to apply. So look for the QR code, scan, and submit your application.

The fair is slated to run August 11-21 so check your schedule and see what time you have available.

I am sure 2022 will present highs and lows for most of us. Let’s try to focus on the highs and work toward reducing the negative effects of the lows and maybe, just maybe we can make this year the best one yet.

Please be safe in all you do and as always if you need anything from the FFAM please reach out to any of the Board for assistance. Be Safe!