The Museum Report – November 2021

Welcome to The Museum Report. We can officially acknowledge some very exciting news that has for the past six months only been a work product known by some. WSKF Architects out of Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas have partnered with the Foundation at no cost in providing interior design planning and working drawings www.wskfarch.com 

If you have a chance to visit their website site they detail a few of their recent public safety projects. On October 13th more good news came when WSKF announced they had leveraged their relationship with some engineering companies and two agreed to come on board and work with the Foundation on the museum project at no charge.

Having a detailed architectural design of the interior with key functional elements and finishes was the next step but we also had to (1) Find the right company in understanding what was needed and (2) be able to pay the usual 8% of fair value in professional development costs. 

On reading the Foundation had progressed up to an exterior building with an unfinished interior on hold until more funding was secured, WSKF came to us and asked if they could assist and were willing to volunteer their professional services. That was a “Wow” phone call with the first two steps moving forward. They made the full presentation before we formally agreed to accept. 

We have a preliminary design that was revealed at the last FFAM Board Meeting and on display during the memorial services on October 9th and 10th. We still have to refine that working drawing to a greater extent which is the next step, determine current cost estimates and dig back into fundraising which WSKF indicated they would also assist in terms of presentation material support and industry contacts.

In continuing with our introduction of your Foundation Board members, the next two people are Stephen McLane, Foundation Secretary, and Don Wilmesher. 

Stephen McLane

Stephen McLane

Stephen started his fire service career in 1990 while still in high school with the Boone County Fire Protection District (BCFPD) and moved up through the ranks to Captain/EMT. Stephen served 12-years on MOTF-1 which included deployments to the World Trade Center in 2001 and Hurricane Katarina in 2005. Stephen has been an adjunct instructor with MU FRTI for over 20-years and National Fire Academy Instructor over 8-years with a focus on Responder Safety and Hazardous Materials. His regular job is an Environmental Scientist with DNR in their Emergency Response section with a background in safety management. Stephen has received numerous service and achievement awards with BCFPD and DNR. Stephen is a 2nd term Alderman in the City of Hallsville and joined the Foundation in 2012.

Don Wilmesher 

Don Wilmesher

Don Wilmesher started his fire service career with the Union Volunteer Fire Department in 1964, became Fire Chief in 1970, active in creating the Union Fire Protection District (UFPD) in 1970 and the Union Ambulance District. Don stepped down as Fire Chief in 1979 but remains active with the department to this date. Don served as an FFAM District Director for 35-years, over 20-years with the Missouri State Fair Vol Fire Dept., Franklin Gasconade Fire Association President for 20-years, and UFPD membership Treasurer for 25+ years. Don has been a Foundation member for 10-years. His regular job was Don’s Auto Repair and Used Cars’ for 50-years before selling the business to his son only to semi-retire. Don loves fishing, hunting, and his grandchildren.

If you need to contact me for questions or have ideas to share regarding the museum project please call 314-709-0760 or my email address is keith.smith@warrenton-fire.org.