1st Vice President Comments – September 2021

Hello, I hope things are well with you. It is hard to believe but summer is coming to an end. What a summer, starting so wet you couldn’t do anything then getting so hot you didn’t want to do anything. None the less time moves on. 

I hope you had many chances to enjoy the summer with friends and family. Time to make the memories that will last a lifetime. Myself, I got to watch several ball games of my grandkids. Some wins, some losses, but all great times for sure.

In August I had the opportunity to attend the State Fair. It was nice fellowshipping with the volunteers there. I want to thank those that do volunteer. It takes a lot of man-hours to provide this service for our State. I know a lot of you are dedicated to the event and spend most of your vacation time there representing our organization and you provide a great service. Thank you. Also thank you to the departments and organizations that loan equipment. It wouldn’t be possible without the trucks.

In August our department got to participate in a mass casualty training exercise. It was a great training experience. We worked with multiple agencies. Working thru the evolution we learned a lot. The scene consisted of multiple injured patients ranging from walking around to a fatality. We used multiple ambulances and one helicopter. Two fire departments were doing extractions. All in all, it was a great learning experience. I would recommend this type of training for all communities. Getting it all put together was a large task, but it was well worth it. Our ambulance district took the lead in setting this all up and they did a great job.

Now the days are getting shorter, and temperatures are going down. Schools are back in session and fall sports are in full swing. It is time to be extra cautious when responding and remember critical times when students may be going or coming from school. All areas around schools should be treated with extra caution. Again, thanks for all you do for your communities and be safe.