Fire Marshal’s Update – November 2020

Greetings from the thirteenth floor. It’s November 4th, and I would like to begin with congratulations to Governor Parson and Lt. Governor Kehoe on being elected to serve as our State’s top leaders for the next four years. At this present time, I don’t know who to congratulate on being President. I’m glad to be an American and have the opportunity to vote, and whoever is my commander in chief, I will support for the good of America. I will continue to wake up and be the best boots on the ground and try to leave things better than I found them!

I commend and give a big shout out to the FFAM Memorial Foundation. They put together a virtual memorial service for the families of our state’s three firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty last year. As well as the 70 plus who passed away and served across our state over the years. Hopefully, we will gather next year in Kingdom City, in person, to honor those who have gone before us.

The 2020 State Fire Marshal/Supporting Heroes Stair Climb was a success last month. We appreciate the 122 participants who signed up to climb, and the following sponsors: FFAM, FFAM Ladies Auxiliary, State Fair Fire Department, Missouri Association of Fire Chiefs, Pipeline Association of Missouri (PAM) (4 floors), Professional Fire and Fraud Investigators Association (PFFIA), Wiley’s Insurance, Survival Flight, Fire Marshal Association of Missouri (FMAM), Missouri Chapter of International Association of Arson Investigators (MOIAAI), Missouri Association of Career Fire Districts (MACFD), Cowgill Fire Department, Sentinel Emergency Solutions, Elliot Data, KW Luetkemeyer Painting and Wallcovering, MU FRTI, Lincoln University, Cole County Ambulance, Jefferson City Fire and Police Departments, Mike O’Connell, Gail Hagans, and the Division of Fire Safety team. Next year the 2021 Missouri State Fire Marshal/Supporting Heroes Stair Climb will be on September 11th at the Jefferson building. Stay tuned for more details and sign up.

We have been receiving several phone calls from fire chiefs about large marijuana dispensaries coming into their communities. Two conversations I have had were regarding 60,000 square foot facilities. In both conversations, the local community had no local fire codes in place. The chiefs were asking questions about fire codes, sprinkler systems, Knox boxes, fire suppression units, floor plans, exits, fire alarms, and numerous other topics. The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) “Marijuana Division” is the authority with oversite. Their number is 866-219-0165. I strongly encourage each fire department and your mutual aid departments to get educated on how you can best protect and service these companies in your communities. It will be to your advantage! If we can be of any assistance or help direct you, please call me at my desk phone at 573-751-1742.

In closing, we are moving into the Thanksgiving season. First, I am thankful for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, my parents, Joe and Juanita Bean, first fire lady Judy, my sons Nathanael and Martin, stepchildren Jolene, Dacus, Beau, Del, and our three grandchildren, Cheyanne, Daisy, Colter. I am blessed and thankful to be able to serve every one of the 25,000 firefighters in our state, and thankful for your dedication and commitment to answer the call, day in and day out! May God bless and continue to protect each of you!

Stay Safe,

J. Tim Bean
State Fire Marshal
Division of Fire Safety