Fishing River FPD FFAM Grant Award

The Fishing River Fire Protection District would like to thank the FFAM for choosing our organization as one of the recipients for the 2019 FFAM Grant Award. With the grant award we were able to purchase 22 traffic safety vests, some of them have FIRE on them and some have EMS on them to help identify everyone in what could be a chaotic situation. This will also give every member a traffic vest to help keep them safe while working along the roadways of our fire district coverage area. We also were able to purchase seven Nomex hoods to provide to some of our members to add to their PPE protection equipment. We really appreciate that the FFAM organization had chosen us as one of grant award winners. This will allow us to use the funds that would have been spent to purchase theses items to be spent on other fire safety equipment that our members will need to be safe and provide protection to the people in our fire district.