President’s Remarks – September 2019

I again had the opportunity to be at the State Fair Fire Department during the State Fair and see many old friends and had the opportunity to visit with many of our legislators. It is always encouraging to see so many new firefighters and EMS personnel from all over the state come together to serve the fair-goers. My personal thanks go out to each of you for your professionalism, commitment and faithfulness to FFAM. This was another good fair and the weather provided very few problems. Great job everyone. 

As president of FFAM, I want to thank each director and assistant director that came to the fair to work and give of their time and talents or to just visit and encourage everyone. 

I appreciate Fire Marshal Tim Bean for being present many days and for having many of his staff there working and teaching fire prevention.

Governor Mike Parson and Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe made a special stop by the fire station on Thursday to thank the Fire/EMS personnel for all they do. They are committed to the fire service and have vowed to help us in any way. Thank you, Governor Parson and Lieutenant Governor Kehoe.

We were also honored on Legislators Day with visits from many other legislators. All of them promised to support the fire service of Missouri and were given guided tours of the fire station to see our operation. Thank you.

I want to thank Chairperson Monty Thompson for his leadership to the FFAM State Fair Fire Department Committee. Monty continues to do an excellent job. His many years of service to the State Fair are invaluable, also to Rick Dozier, RB Brown and Terry Wynne for all of their hours preparing and serving as commissioners. Some days it is a thankless job but I know each one of them enjoy serving. 

Chief Terry Plumb did an excellent job this year with his command staff and personnel, as did Chef Joyce Thompson and her kitchen staff and duty personnel.

Many fall activities are approaching concerning the fire service and I would like to remind everyone of the assistance that FFAM can provide. FFAM Director RB Brown of the Eureka and Union Fire Protection Districts heads up our Fire Prevention committee and is available to assist you with ideas or any other issues you may encounter as Fire Prevention Week is quickly approaching. RB will talk about his poster contest in another article.

Everyone should see a major push in the fund-raising for the Firefighters Museum in Kingdom City. Please purchase the items being sold, the faster we raise the funds, the faster the museum becomes a reality. Please demonstrate a can-do attitude. Thank you!

As always, please contact me with any thoughts or issues you may have.

Kenneth Hoover
Fire Fighters Association of Missouri