Fire Marshal’s Update – July 2019

Greetings from the thirteenth floor. Water, tornados, water, tornados seems to be the pattern for our state for the past several weeks. I am thankful we have had very few deaths or serious injuries from all of the situations which have affected us all. Thank you to everyone who checked on us here in Jefferson City, and offered to come help. We appreciate it. If the tornado had been three blocks to the west, things around here would have been much different I am sure. Thanks to the ones who have assisted in various ways. Neighbors helping neighbors!

I reached out to many of you who had direct damage in your areas, and discovered most everyone was doing well considering the circumstances. Moreau Fire Protection District located in the Eldon area lost their radio tower and repeater system. They are working on relocating and hopefully will be back to full strength soon.

The flooded Missouri River has disabled numerous fire departments along its path. Here is a list of ones I am aware of: South Callaway Station 1, Hermann Station 2, Monarch FPD, Rivers Pointe FPD both stations, Alexandria FPD Station 1, Canton R-V FPD, Winfield-Foley FPD Station 2, Old Monroe FPD Station 1, St. Louis Fire Station 33, Gordonville FPD Station 3, NW Holt FPD Station 1, and Watson FD. There were others that were impacted and still are. What I appreciate about our Missouri fire service is, we adapt and overcome, and continue to serve and protect our citizens. Job well done!

Our hearts are heavy from the line of duty death of Firefighter-Paramedic Chris Moore of the Maryland-Heights Fire Protection District. Chris passed do to a medical emergency. He leaves behind two children. Thanks to the Missouri Funeral Assistants Team, and others who supported Maryland Heights during the difficult time.

Affective July 1, Fire Investigator Bill Albus will be retiring from the Division after 29 years of dedicated service. We appreciate the many hours and miles he has worked and traveled across our state fighting against fire crimes. He has represented the Division of Fire Safety as a true professional, loyal, trusting employee. His fingerprints will live long after his departure. We do wish him great success with his new role as Little Dixie’s Fire Chief. We have great faith in his leadership abilities. You will be missed!

Boom, boom, boom, fireworks are in the air. Our office has been very busy issuing fireworks permits to providers from all across our state. Our inspectors and fire investigators will be busy inspecting tents and shoots within your communities. Safety is critical! If you see something that needs our attention, do not hesitate to call us. We will check it out.

Amusement rides have entered our state and communities for the summer. Our office oversees, inspects, and licenses fixed parks as well as traveling carnival rides. If you see something which looks unsafe with an amusement ride at your local fair or amusement park, please reach out to us. We want you and your families riding safe rides. 


Since 1986 the Division of Fire Safety has had the responsibility for enforcing RSMO 320.094 which provides funds for cost-free training to fire fighters and first responders in the State of Missouri. The Division is appropriated general revenue funds and fees collected from fireworks manufacturers, distributors and retailers to provide statewide contracted training courses. The approved courses must meet specific criteria and be offered at no cost to responders across the state. Each fiscal year the Missouri Fire Safety Education/Advisory Commission meets and assists the Division in reviewing the proposed list of courses for content, currency and need regionally in the state. In the past, departments contacted the approved training partners directly to request delivery of approved courses. Due to changes in the state contracting process, departments and regional groups will now contact the Division with requests for delivery of approved training courses. 

Once the list of vendor-submitted courses is approved by the Division and our commission, and contracts are executed, the time-frame to request training courses will begin. Each year many more requests are received by the Division than available funding will cover. For the best chance for approval, consider submitting a regional or multi-department request. This allows funds to be allocated in the best way possible. 

To request training for this fiscal year, please visit our website to obtain information and submit your requests:


How to access cost-free training courses for fire service personnel:

  1. Visit link at: dfs.dps.mo.gov/programs/training/contract-awarded.php
  2. Review the listing of available training courses.
  3. Select course and submit form to training @dfs.dps.mo.gov. Division will email verification of receipt of request and obtain any further information required.
  4. Course requests will be reviewed and approvals emailed to the host agency, for approval or denial.
  5. Contact will be established between host agencies, approved training vendor to schedule, and complete delivery details.

Once courses are scheduled, they will appear on the course schedule at: 


This listing will include general information for the course and instructions for students to sign up for the course.

Change is hard, and we acknowledge this will be a work in progress for all of us. We are totally committed to meeting your needs. We work for you! Please call us, email, or drop by. We want to make this process as easy as possible. We will come to your chiefs meetings if you need us to further explain this process. 

Training Direct Phone numbers:

573-522-2426 or 573-522-4849

Fax: 573-751-1744

Becky Trapani: 573-751-5302

Greg Landwehr: 573-522-1625

Dee Dee Edwards: 573-751-4938

John Loveless: 573-522-4064

Ron Thompson: 573-526-5701

Tim Bean: 573-751-1742

In closing, thanks for all you do day-in and day-out across this great State. Be safe this July 4th holiday. Remember the reason for this special day, “Independence Day” and the freedom we enjoy! 

Stay Safe and God Bless You, God Bless the United States of America!

J. Tim Bean 
State Fire Marshal
Division of Fire Safety