Meeting Minutes – May 2019


President Kenneth Hoover opened the 65th Annual FFAM Convention by ringing the bell on Friday, April 12, 2019, at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Missouri.

The Honor Guard, represented by members of several departments, posted the colors. President Hoover led the Pledge of Allegiance. David Hedrick gave the invocation.

Missouri State Fire Marshal Tim Bean welcomed attendees to the convention.

Representatives from the Sedalia Convention and Visitors Bureau welcomed attendees to the convention.

President Hoover welcomed all attendees to the convention and recognized the FFAM officers and directors.

Past President Keith Smith presented the Nominating Committee slate for the 2019 FFAM officer elections. Positions for election are District 2 Director, District 6 Director, District 8 Director and District 12 Director. Also, the 1st Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms.

The following individuals are seeking election for those respective positions: Greg Wright, District 2; Gary Berendzen, District 6; Larry Jennings, 1st VP; Jaime Miller, Secretary/Treasurer; Rex Reynolds, Sergeant at Arms. There are no nominations for District 8 and District 12 Directors.

President Hoover made final announcements.

President Hoover closed the opening session at 6:20 p.m.


Welcome to all in attendance to the 65th Annual FFAM Convention by President Ken Hoover.

David Hedrick gave the invocation followed by the meal.

Guest Speaker Missouri State Senator Jeanie Riddle presented a program.

Scholarship Committee
Scholarship Committee Chairman Larry Eggen along with members Terry Plumb and Ed Daugherty presented the 2019 scholarship recipients. High School: Ethan Ralls, Hale FPD; Travis Young, Wellington Napoleon FPD; Hannah Cole, Fredericktown FD; Sarah Bethurem, Fair Grove FPD. Continuing Education: Maddison Breid, Madison West Monroe FPD; Christian VanDyke, Johnson County FPD #2.

Contest Committee
Contest Committee Chair Gary Berendzen announced the 2019 convention contest winners.

Junior Division Challenge
2 Person Hose Coupling: 1st Southern Stone #1; 2nd Washington #1; 3rd Cole County #2. Extending a Line: 1st Southern Stone #1; 2nd Cole County #1; 3rd Eureka. Water Barrel Fight: 1st Cole County #1; 2nd Southern Stone #1; 3rd Galt #1. Overall: Southern Stone #1

Female Division Challenge
2 Person Hose Coupling: 1st Southern Stone #1; 2nd Southern Stone #2; 3rd Little Dixie #1. Extending a Line: 1st Southern Stone #2; 2nd Little Dixie #2; 3rd Southern Stone #1. Replace a Section of Hose: 1st Little Dixie #1; 2nd Little Dixie #2; 3rd Southern Stone #2. Water Barrel Fight: 1st Southern Stone #1; 2nd Little Dixie #1; 3rd Little Dixie #2. Bucket Brigade: 1st Little Dixie #1; 2nd Southern Stone #1. Overall: Little Dixie #1

Firefighter Division Challenge
2 Person Hose Coupling: 1st Little Dixie #1; 2nd Washington #1; 3rd Madison #1. Replace a Section of Hose: 1st Madison #1; 2nd Little Dixie #1; 3rd West Plains #2. Extending a Line: 1st Little Dixie #1; 2nd West Plains #1; 3rd Madison #1. Water Barrel Fight: 1st Little Dixie #2; 2nd Little Dixie #1; 3rd Madison #2. Bucket Brigade: 1st Little Dixie #2; 2nd Madison #1; 3rd Southern Stone #1. Overall: Little Dixie #1.

2018 award winner Diane Hanes and auxiliary members Christina Lloyd and Jessica Miller presented Shelia Nichols with the 2019 Auxiliary Member of the Year award.

Fire Prevention Committee
Fire Prevention Committee Chair RB Brown announced the 2019 poster contest award winners.

Special Needs Division: 1st Place, Blake Templeton, South Central Buchanan County FPD; 2nd Place, Remi Muller, South Central Buchanan County FPD; 3rd Place, Molly Wheeler, South Central Buchanan County FPD. 1st and 2nd Grade Division: 1st Place, Luke Diener, Washington FD; 2nd Place, Kiefer Wienstroer, Union FPD; 3rd Place, Phoenix Ensor, Paris Rural FPD. 3rd and 4th Grade Division: 1st Place, Madison Diener, Washington FD; 2nd Place, Reese Roesch, Union FPD; 3rd Place, Anniston Foss, Washington FD. 5th and 6th Grade Division: 1st Place, Claire Davenport, North Central Carroll FPD; 2nd Place, Alexandra Fortner, New Haven Berger FD; 3rd Place, Tanner Patterson, Iberia RFPD.

Award Committee
Award Committee Chair Joe Jennings along with committee members Joe Vaughn and Shelby Honea presented several awards as follows:

Life Saving Award: Jared Wilt, Shelbina FPD. Life Saving Award: Keil Borchers, Kente Boldridge, Gary Goetz, Miles Crow, Jeff Drury, Grant Oetting, Ashley Page, Higginsville FPD. Life Saving Award: Justin Braun, Jason Hammann, Matt Long, Cole County FPD. Life Saving Award: Joe Auffert, Chris Wilbanks, Joey Smith, Christel Cantrell, Howell County Rural FD #1. Life Saving Award: Kendra Matthews, Alex Matthews, Brayden Miller, Norborne FPD. Life Saving Award: Miles Crow, Jeff Drury, Adam Mallory, Higginsville FPD. Fire Fighter of the Year: Jason Whitley, Sikeston Department of Public Safety. Chief Officer of the Year: Assistant Chief Gary Berendzen, Cole County FPD. Phil Sayer Lifetime Achievement Award: retired Chief Willard “Bill” Halmich, Washington FD.

President Hoover gave closing remarks. The banquet was followed by the dance.


President Kenneth Hoover called the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri to order at 9:00 a.m., Sunday, April 14, 2019, at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Missouri.

Roll Call of Board of Directors and other officials

Kenneth Hoover, Little Dixie FPD; First Vice President Larry Jennings, Johnson County FPD; Second Vice President Grant Oetting, Higginsville FPD; Secretary Treasurer Jaime Miller, Johnson County FPD2; Sergeant-at-Arms Rex Reynolds, Southern FPD of Holt Co.

District 1, Terry Wynne, Galt FPD; District 2, Greg Wright, Shelbina FD; District 3, Larry Jones; District 4, Joe Vaughn, Pleasant Hill FPD; District 5, Terry Plumb, Southern Stone FPD; District 6, Gary Berendzen, Cole County FPD; District 7, RB Brown, Eureka FD; District 9, Roy Sims, West Plains FD; District 10, Greg Brown, Eureka FPD; District 14, Rick Dozier, Southern FPD of Holt Co.

Assistant Directors
District 1, Janet Cain, Braymer FR; District 3, Rob Erdel, Little Dixie FPD; District 3, Steve Gentry, Little Dixie FPD; District 4, Jonathan Evans, Lincoln FD; District 5, Shelby Honea, Southern Stone FPD; District 6, Alan Braun, Cole County FPD; District 7, Andrew Caldwell, Boles FPD; District 10, Harriett Vaucher, Eureka FPD; District 11, Ryan Miller, Norborne FPD; District 11, Josh Koepke, Kansas City FD; District 14, Glenn Dittmar, South Central Buchanan County FD.

Past President Keith Smith, Warrenton FPD.
Tim Bean, Missouri Division of Fire Safety; Kevin Zumwalt, Gail Hagans, MU FRTI; Joe Jennings, Dee Bennett. Larry Eggen, Johnson County FPD; David Miller, Johnson County FPD2; Donald Vaucher, Eureka FPD; Brian Zinanni, Clayton FD; Jeff Misel, Emily Misel, Cowgill FD; Richard Voss, Beaufort Leslie FPD; Scott Nichols, Josh Atkinson, Brandon Reams, Korey Smith, Jodi Jennings, Josh Loyd, Dustin Null, Rachel Buck, Todd DeOrnellis, Scott Prater, Casey Cuno, Dylan Burrow, Doug Burrow, Little Dixie FPD; Hunter Rische, Kyle Arnold, David Pratt, Matt Listhartke, Kevin Keplinger, Bryan Kepping, Sean Loughery, Kearney F&R; John Scheper, Gravois FPD; Doc Kritzer, FF Memorial Foundation; Jim Brockett, Dylan Honea, Southern Stone FPD; Dale Ransdell, Madison West Monroe FPD; Charlie Peel, Southeastern Randolph FPD; Billy Smith, North Central Carroll FPD; Cy Fields, Ronnie Fields, Darin Maupin, Paris Rural FPD; James Peffermann, Don Hahne, Pat Placke, Washington FD; Rob Schrage, Jefferson R-7; Chris Brockelbank, Lucas Cyr, West Plains FD; Brian Smiley, Clint Wilson, Erik Jackson, Galt FPD; Jennifer Berendzen, Cole County FPD.

President Hoover asked for additions to the agenda. Rick Dozier moved to accept the agenda as presented. RB Brown seconded the motion and all approved.

President Hoover asked for corrections or additions to the May 4-6, 2018, convention and the January 2, 2019, board meeting minutes. Rick Dozier moved to accept the minutes as presented. Gary Berendzen seconded the motion and all approved.

Financial Report
President Hoover asked for a review of the January–March 2019 financial report. Greg Wright moved to accept the financial report as presented. Grant Oetting seconded the motion and all approved.

Report of Officers and Special Guest(s)
Director Kevin Zumwalt with the Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute expressed appreciation to the FFAM for hosting the convention.

Summer Fire School early registration deadline is May 10.

There are still many classes scheduled for the remainder of the fiscal year, which ends in June. Everyone is encourage to be in contact with your MU FRTI Regional Coordinators to request and communicate what trainings you would like to see in your area.

State Fire Marshal Tim Bean with the Division of Fire Safety advised that they are working on the budget with the training fund a top priority. They currently have $800,000 budgeted. A worker’s compensation insurance grant for volunteer fire departments is back on the table for the budget.

3,175 people have taken state training certification testing in the last eight months.

The nine mutual aid coordinators in the state have spent the last year updating the MOSCOPE mutual aid plan.

Fire department registrations are at 80% which is the highest ever. This helps when pulling/requesting mutual aid resources.

Thanks to those who attended Fire Fighters Day at the Capital. It was well attended.

October 19, the Division will host a memorial stair climb.

No correspondence was received.

Sergeant-at-Arms Reynolds conducted a roll call of the delegates. There were 46 delegates and 16 officers present.

Unfinished Business
There is no unfinished business.

New Business
President Hoover advised that Gary Berendzen has requested the appointment of John Scheper of the Gravois FPD to District 6 Assistant Director. Greg Brown moved to accept the appointment. Greg Wright seconded the motion and all approved.

The Missouri Fire Service Funeral Assistance Team has advised them have purchased a larger trailer and now have a surplus trailer to dispose of. Discussion followed. Greg Brown moved to donate the surplus trailer to the EMS Funeral Team. RB Brown seconded the motion and all approved.

Keith Smith reported that seven positions are up for election Greg Wright, District 2; Gary Berendzen, District 6; There are no nominations for District 8 and District 12 Directors.
Kurt Ploch moved to approve the director appointments as presented. Terry Wynne seconded the motion. The motion passed with no opposing votes. Larry Jennings, 1st VP, Jaime Miller, Secretary/Treasurer; Rex Reynolds, Sergeant at Arms. Rick Dozier moved to approve the Executive Committee positions as presented. Charlie Peel seconded the motion. The motion passed with no opposing votes.

Committee Reports

Awards Committee
Joe Jennings reported that six Life Saving Awards, Firefighter of the Year, Chief Officer of the Year and the Phil Sayer Lifetime Achievement Award were presented. There was no nomination received for Fire Department of the Year. The Department Equipment Grant application is due May 1.

Budget Committee
No report was given.

Bylaws Committee
No report was given.

Chaplain Committee
Larry Jennings reported on behalf of David Hedrick. The Missouri Fire Chaplains Corp’s Southwest Region has moved their monthly luncheons to Mcalister’s restaurant, 703 N. McCroskey in Nixa, Missouri. Usually on the fourth Thursday, at 11:30 a.m.

The FFC will be conducting an Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy training class at the Comfort Inn in Story City, Iowa, June 20-21, 2019. For more information contact Todd Edeker, ifachaplain@yahoo.com, or call (319) 939-6191.

The Federation of Fire Chaplains will host their 2019 FFC Annual Conference October 19-24, 2019, at the Double Tree by Hilton in Cathedral City, California. More information on the conference is available on the FFC website at: ffc.wildapricot.org/

The Missouri Fire Chaplain Corp (MFCC) annual meeting and training conference will be held September 9-10, 2019, in Springfield, Missouri, at the Green County EOC. Training schedule will include PTSD and substance abuse.

Contact information for the Missouri Fire Chaplains Corp is: MFCC President, Jim Cummings, medic4christ@hotmail.com, or 417-230-0610. Secretary Treasurer Ed Hatcher, email is edhat@earthlink.net, or 618-207-9487.

Contest Committee
Gary Berendzen reported that everything went well and thanks to all those that helped.

Convention Committee
Larry Jones reported that the Kearney Firefighters Association had a presentation to give regarding hosting the 2020 convention. Kearney Firefighters Association President David Pratt presented a proposal. Larry Jones moved that the 2020 convention be held in Kearney. Charlie Peel seconded the motion and all approved. Washington FD and Jefferson County R-7 FPD have both expressed interest in hosting the 2021 convention. They were advised to discuss with the Convention Committee.

2019 Convention Committee Chairman Larry Jennings thanked all those who attended and assisted with this year’s convention.

Education Committee
Rick Dozier reported that 34 attended the Certified Fire and Ambulance District Board of Directors training held on Friday. Get any class proposal ideas to him.

Fire Prevention Committee
RB Brown thanked everyone who participated in the poster contest. Posters were received from 12 departments. This year the committee added a Special Needs category which will continue in the future.

Legislative Committee
Greg Brown reported Firefighter Day at the Capital was a big success and he thanked everyone who attended. He encouraged everyone to get to know their local legislators. There is only 5 weeks remaining in the legislative session. The Senate is working on the budget which includes funding for a volunteer fire department worker’s compensation grant. The Safe Cigarette funding has been pulled along with the $100,000 amendment to the boiler fund for certification and testing. Prescription drug monitoring is moving forward. The cancer bill did make progress but is no longer moving. HB 716 is in the house this week. SB 291 for 9-1-1 clean-up language got an amendment so it is still pending. The federal ambulance reimbursement bill is still moving.

Membership Committee
Grant Oetting reported the following membership counts: 466 Directors/Councilman; 295 Retired; 17 Associate; 11 Sustaining; 15 Corporate, 330 Departments; 5999 Active; 20 Educational Individuals; 2 Educational Institutions; 88 Juniors; 3 EMS Departments; 80 EMS Individuals.

Nomination Committee
No report was given.
NVFC Committee
Keith Smith reported that the fall meeting will be in Augusta, Georgia, and the spring meeting will be in Washington D.C., next week. He won’t be attending the spring meeting. Discussion was held on NVFC possibly hosting the 2022 fall meeting in Kansas City. Andrew Caldwell moved to authorize Keith Smith to send a letter to NVFC pledging on behalf of the FFAM support for hosting the 2022 meeting in Kansas City. Kurt Ploch seconded the motion. The motion passed with no opposing votes.

Scholarship Committee
Larry Eggen presented Travis Young with a high school scholarship. He as unable to attend the banquet Saturday. Eggen reported that the committee received a lot of applications this year.

State Fair Committee
Steven Gentry reported that applications were due May 1.
Website Committee
No report was given.

The deadline for the next newsletter will be the morning of May 1.

Historian report
Grant Oetting reported that the safes will be moved from Kay Asher’s basement to Kingdom City on Monday.

Funeral Team report
Brian Zinanni reported that the team assisted in 3 non-LODD, two of which were out of state, this year. They will be upgrading the public address system due to issues with the frequencies. Jonathan Evans presented the Funeral Team with $201.30 from the tips received during the dance Saturday night. Grant Oetting moved to donate $2,500 to the Funeral Team for help towards the upgrade of the public address system. Larry Jennings seconded the motion. The motion passed with no opposing votes.

Foundation report
Keith Smith reported that they have broken ground at Kingdom City, and the concrete work is done. $872 was raised towards the helmet donation fund-raiser and Emily Misel donated $200 from her proceeds of Scentsy Sales during the vendor expo. The candlelight service will be May 18, and the morning service is May 19. There will be a work day May 4, for anyone who would like to help. There will be a BBQ competition fund-raiser in Columbia on May 11.

Rick Dozier moved to adjourn the meeting. Greg Wright seconded the motion and all approved. The Honor Guard retired the colors. President Hoover adjourned the meeting at 10:45 a.m.

Jaime Miller
Fire Fighters Association of Missouri