Meeting Minutes – March 2019

President Ken Hoover called the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri to order at 9:00 a.m., Sunday, January 27, 2019 at the Missouri State Fair Fire Department in Sedalia, Missouri. Vice President Jennings led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call of Board of Directors and other officials


President Ken Hoover, Little Dixie FPD; First Vice President Larry Jennings, Johnson County FPD; Second Vice President Grant Oetting, Higginsville FPD; Secretary Treasurer Jaime Miller, Johnson County FPD #2.


District 1, Terry Wynne, Galt FPD; District 2, Greg Wright, Shelbina FD; District 3, Larry Jones, Madison West Monroe FPD; District 5, Terry Plumb, Southern Stone FPD; District 6, Gary Berendzen, Cole Co FPD; District 10, Greg Brown, Eureka FPD; District 11, Monty Thompson, Kearney FPD.

Assistant Directors

District 1, Janet Cain, Braymer Fire and Rescue; District 2, Vernon Cash, Shelbina FPD; District 3, Steve Gentry, Rob Erdel, Little Dixie FPD; District 4, Jonathan Evans, Lincoln FD; District 5, Shelby Honea, Southern Stone FPD; District 9, Kurt Wilbanks, West Plains FD; District 10, Harriett Vaucher, Eureka FPD; District 11, Ryan Miller; District 14, Glen Dittmar, Dearborn Area FPD. 


Past President Keith Smith, Warrenton FPD.


Tim Bean, Missouri Division of Fire Safety; Gail Hagans, Kevin Zumwalt, MU FRTI; Charlie Peel, SE Randolph FPD; Stephen McLane, Doc Kritzer, FF Memorial Foundation; Darrell Smith, Terry Smith, Hero Fund USA.


President Hoover asked for additions to the agenda. Greg Brown moved to accept the agenda as presented. Glen Dittmar seconded the motion and all approved.


President Hoover asked for additions or corrections to the December 2, 2018, minutes. Terry Wynne moved to accept the minutes as presented. Grant Oetting seconded the motion and all approved.

Financial Report

President Hoover asked for a review of the November – December 2018, financial report. Glen Dittmar moved to accept the financial report presented. Jonathan Evans seconded the motion and all approved. 

Report of Officers and Special Guest(s)

MU FRTI Director Kevin Zumwalt reported that 884 are enrolled in Winter Fire School. They are anticipating more than 1,000 attendees. The expo is sold out this year. The new structural fire fighting trailer will be on display.

The 2018 annual report is available online.

The Fire Service Enhanced Leadership Program started in January with 29 enrolled. The Fire Officer Certificate Program is nearing its launch. This will be an associate program.

Summer Fire School will be held May 29 – June 2, 2019.

State Fire Marshal Tim Bean with Missouri Division of Fire Safety reported that the legislation is back in session. The Governor has recommended that they fully fund the firefighter training budget as he is a big supporter of public safety.

March 16, is Firefighter Day at the Capital. The Missouri Fire Service Funeral Assistance Team will be the special guest. He encouraged everyone to reach out and get to know your local reps. They work for you and be an asset when it comes to fire legislation. Make them aware of what is happening in their area with the fire service.

During the national fire marshal’s meeting, marijuana is a major topic with many states legalizing so be aware of changes in your community. 

The DFS awarded 26 Phil Sayer Scholarships for people to attend Winter Fire School training.

Lieutenant Governor Kehoe will be doing a walk-through during Winter Fire School.



Unfinished Business


New Business

President Hoover presented the recommendation to appoint Alan Braun as District 6, Assistant Director. Monty Thompson moved to appoint Alan Braun to the District 6, Assistant Director position. Glen Dittmar seconded the motion and all approved.

President Hoover announced that Greg Wright would be stepping down from the NVFC Committee and he recommended that Rob Erdel take his place on the committee. With the appointment of Rob Erdel on the NVFC Committee, he recommended Gary Berendzen be appointed as chairman of the Contest Committee. Terry Plumb moved to appoint Rob Erdel to the NVFC Committee and to appoint Gary Berendzen as chairman of the Contest Committee. Larry Jones seconded and all approved.

Darrell and Terry Smith with Hero Fund USA provided a brief presentation on their program which provides financial assistance to departments for the purchase of safety equipment. They currently have a budget of $20,000 with more than $325,000 in requests for funds. They are working on matching fund grants and assistance with fundraising. He encouraged everyone to share information about their program. 

Committee Reports

Awards Committee

Shelby Honea reported that nominations are due February 28. 

Budget Committee

Larry Jennings advised that several investment accounts are still out and drawing interest.

Bylaws Committee

No report was given.

Chaplain Committee

No report was given.

Contest Committee

Rob Erdel reported that everything is ready to go for the contest.

Convention Committee

Larry Jennings reported there is low class registrations so encourage your members to sign-up. He encouraged everyone to sell ads in their local areas as the convention isn’t exclusive to the Sedalia area.

Larry Jones reported that the Kearney Fire Fighters Association is interested in hosting in 2020.

Education Committee

No report was given.

Fire Prevention Committee

No report was given.

Legislative Committee

Greg Brown reported that they are tracking several bills and many important topics including: the opioid epidemic, presumptive cancer and what is considered workers compensation, PTSD and first responders, cleanup language on the 9-1-1 legislation, and training funds. March 6, is Firefighter Day at the Capital. 

Membership Committee

2nd Vice President Oetting reported the following membership counts: 309 Directors/Councilman; 196 Retired; 12 Associate; 10 Sustaining; 15 Corporate, 231 Fire Departments; 4196 Active; 10 Educational; 57 Juniors; 1 EMS Department, 14 EMS individuals. 

Nomination Committee

Keith Smith advised that the District 2, 6, 8 and 12 Directors positions are all up for election in 2019 along with the 1st VP, Secretary-Treasurer and Sergeant-at-Arms.

NVFC Committee

Keith Smith announced that there is a proposal to host the 2022 fall meeting in Kansas City. NVFC is actively working on cancer information.

Scholarship Committee

No report was given.

State Fair Committee

The committee is working on the 2019 contract.

Website Committee

No report was given.


The deadline for the next newsletter will be March 1.

Historian report

Grant Oetting reported everything has been removed from Kay’s basement except for the safes. Theresa is working with a company to remove them.

Funeral Team report

Harriett Vaucher reported they need to know what team members will be attending Firefighters Day at the Capital. The team will be selling one 10’ trailer in the near future. Two teams went to assist with a LODD in Iowa earlier in January.

Foundation report

Keith Smith reported that they have signed a contract with Morton Buildings to start building in March, weather pending. This contract includes a building with insulated walls but another $250,000 is estimated as being needed to finish the inside. 

Fundraising opportunities coming up include the Field of Flags at the memorial, Texas Roadhouse fundraising during Winter Fire School and a fire service BBQ competition in Columbia in May. There are six teams signed up so far.

Terry Plumb moved to adjourn the meeting. Greg Wright seconded the motion and all approved. 

President Hoover adjourned the meeting at 10:26 a.m.

Jaime Miller


Fire Fighters Association of Missouri