2016 FFAM Convention Awards and Recognition

The FFAM Awards Committee was pleased to be tasked with the responsibility of evaluating the various award nominations received in an effort to select the final recipients. This task is not always as easy as it may appear from the outside as many qualified nominees are presented, all largely deserving of an award. As with many things in life there can at times only be one selected to be the “winner” and that is where the process becomes more difficult. By all means we prefer to have numerous nominees so we can attempt to recognize as many of Missouri’s fire service as possible and we approach the task very seriously.

The committee was proud to make the following recognitions during the recent 2016 FFAM Convention:

Meritorious Award
Lt. David Hamilton, Johnson County FPD

Life Saving Award
Anthony Griggs and Dylan Honea – Southern Stone County FPD

Life Saving Award
Lt. Doug Franklin and Lt. Blake Callen, Trenton FD and Grundy County Rural FPD

Life Saving Award
Alma Fire Protection District

Fire Department of the Year
Chillicothe Fire Department

Fire Fighter of the Year
Lt. Scott Prater – Little Dixie FPD

Chief Officer of the Year
Roy Sims – West Plains FD

Phil Sayer Lifetime Achievement Award
Kay Asher – Wentzville FPD

When you have the opportunity, take the time to offer these individuals and departments a word of congratulations for the outstanding work they have done as they represent Missouri’s fire service.

Remember to take note of those you work around and the outstanding performance they may be providing as nominations for next year’s awards will be due by February 28, 2017. Award and nomination information is available in the Awards Committee area of the FFAM website.